Supplier Enablement

Reduce the Cost of Supplier Support by Over 50%

Dealing with supplier requests can put a serious drain on company resources. TekStream’s Inspyrus supplier enablement services allow you to dramatically reduce supplier support demands by offering your suppliers a simple, self-service portal to instantly view their invoice status, payments, and purchase orders. Additionally, our supplier enablement services utilize automation to accelerate invoice processing and early-pay discounts, resulting in fewer supplier support issues.

About TekStream’s Supplier Enablement Services

TekStream’s Inspyrus supplier enablement services allow you to improve vendor relationships by automating invoice processing and implementing a self-service supplier portal. TekStream’s custom supply enablement implementation will accelerate invoice submissions and processing, resulting in up to five times greater efficiency. Supplier enablement revolutionizes supplier support by:

  • Seamlessly integrating supplier support functionality in real time
  • Quickly flipping purchase orders (POs) into invoices, accelerating the invoice process
  • Automatically and rapidly routing invoices to requestors
  • Facilitating rapid GL coding
  • Providing suppliers with instant access to invoice status, payments, and PO information using a straightforward, self-service platform
  • Making change-of-address and updated banking information requests simple by allowing them to be completed online
  • Allowing for supplier self-registration
  • Automating W-9 generation, request processing, and supplier record creation in the ERP system
  • Creating a fully ERP-integrated, interactive supplier-site map
  • Monitoring POs in real-time for each site
Inspyrus’s supplier enablement functionality allows you to cut supplier support demands by up to 90%, reducing the financial burden of this support by an average of over 50%. We integrate this functionality with your other Inspyrus services, which means it works seamlessly with dynamic discounting and overall invoice automation.