Inspyrus Dynamic Discounting Services

Streamline the financial supply chain and increase early-pay incentives

TekStream’s Inspyrus dynamic discounting services allows you to break away from legacy discounts and instead offer dynamic discounts to customers in a win-win formulation. Dynamic discounting enables you to offer variable discounts throughout the purchasing cycles to incentivize early payment. You benefit from greater access to capital in the financial supply chain, and customers can maximize discounts according to their needs.

About Our Dynamic Discounting Services:

TekStream’s Inspyrus dynamic discounting services offer you more flexibility within your financial supply chain management. Our dynamic discounting functions enable you to keep your normal invoicing procedures in place while automating calculations that allow for non-static discounts to be applied effectively. In turn, this allows you to benefit from key functionality of our custom Inspyrus dynamic discounting implementations. Dynamic discounting revolutionizes financial supply chain management by:

  • Enabling dynamic requests for early payments in real-time
  • Automatically calculating discounts
  • Prioritizing discounted invoices for processing so you see these requests and put requests in motion right away
  • Dynamically adjusting the cash pool available for early payments, so you still meet all financial goals
  • Delivering earliest payment possible
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through offering the maximum possible discounts without sacrificing your bottom line
  • Fast-tracking implementation of your discount program by using rich spend analysis and identifying the best supplier candidates
  • Leveraging advanced algorithms to rapidly segment suppliers into optimal discount tiers
  • Automatically recognizing and applying pre-existing discount terms to expedite invoice processing

Discounts remain a powerful way to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, but when they make margins slimmer, any delay in payment can be damaging to companies. Dynamic discounting allows you to increase access to discounts while minimizing your own exposure. You get paid earlier and maintain your margins without having to do any delicate calculations on your own. TekStream can set up functionality within Inspyrus that won’t disrupt your typical invoicing process either, reducing the learning curve of adaptation.