TekStream Congratulates CareerVillage.org on Mobilizing 100,000 Online Volunteers

TekStream joins the nonprofit organization CareerVillage.org in announcing that it has recruited over 100,000 industry professionals and helped provide career advice to over 6 million online learners. As a proud partner of CareerVillage.org, TekStream is honored that many of its employees have contributed to this important milestone. TekStream is committed to supporting and investing in online service opportunities and career development for underrepresented youth. This partnership has allowed TekStream to mobilize its greatest asset, its talent, through virtual volunteering to uplift the next generation of leaders.

“We are excited to be a part of the growth at CareerVillage,” said Abby Mack, HR Analyst, TekStream. “TekStream is proud to continue their partnership with CareerVillage and we look forward to providing additional career advice to underserved youth in 2022!”

Organizations like CareerVillage are playing an increasingly important role in the intersection of the lives of students, volunteers, educators, and corporations like TekStream who are looking for ways to equip young people, especially those in underserved communities, with the information and skills they need to become career ready.

TekStream is proud to be at the forefront of the global shift to online volunteering. Participation in virtual volunteering steadily increased prior to the pandemic but 2020 greatly accelerated the pace of the social sector going digital and expanded their reach. This comes at a time when nonprofit beneficiaries increasingly need services online.

CareerVillage.org students studying from home and unable to participate in extracurricular activities, are able to receive fast, relevant, and diverse answers to their career questions at the tip of their fingertips from TekStream professionals and many others.

TekStream employees have seen the challenges young people are facing and have taken action by giving personalized career advice. Their swift actions have had far-reaching impact and demonstrated the ability and flexibility of every citizen to support local to global communities throughout the pandemic.

“We believe CareerVillage is a fantastic platform to leverage the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our team to improve the lives of our future workforce. In the past year, TekStream employees have helped over 22,000 students and we strive every day to provide advice to the growing users of CareerVillage.com,” said Rob Jansen, Chief Executive Officer, TekStream.

“The advice I received from CareerVillage made me feel like I had a support system despite not even knowing the people. I felt secure and comforted knowing I had people at the top of their fields steering me in the right direction.” Armani, Student on CareerVillage.org

“Throughout this pandemic, our volunteers have been absolutely incredible. The generosity and passion of professionals from companies like TekStream have had a tremendous impact on our students. We can’t thank them enough!” said Jared Chung, Executive Director at CareerVillage.org.

About CareerVillage.org

CareerVillage.org’s mission is to democratize access to career information and advice for underserved youth. We do this by crowdsourcing personalized career advice to students. Our open-access platform matches student questions to our volunteer corps of over 100k professionals, enabling our community of 6 million young people to access new information and plan their career path.

About TekStream

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