Oracle licensing is complicated, confusing, and can be expensive if it’s not purchased optimally. The
Oracle sales team is helpful, but companies are increasingly searching out an unbiased opinion.
TekStream Solution’s licensing experts leverage decades of Oracle experience to help you understand
the best way to buy licenses at the lowest price and with the best possible licensing terms. We can walk
you through the process and help you save money and feel confident that your environment is properly
licensed. Our customers work with us because we offer the best advice available on how to structure
your Oracle support renewals and new purchases.

We offer assistance with:

  • New License and Support Discount Negotiation
  • Support Renewal Consulting
  • Oracle Audit and Compliance Strategic Consulting
  • ULA Evaluation Services (New and Existing)

New License and Support Discount Negotiation
TekStream’s Oracle experts understand your Oracle contract, licensing, and discount options at an
extremely deep level. We can provide you with valuable insight into the Oracle licensing strategy and
provide you with options that may not have ben made clear to you by the Oracle sales team. Our
experts will work to fully understand how you plan to use the Oracle software and will help make sure the
licensing terms and metrics you agree to are a complete fit for your environment and in your best interest.
A surprising number of customers also end up with wrong software mix for what hey are trying to
achieve. As part of our process, we will validate the product mix to make sure you have the right goals to
accomplish your goals. We will also work with you to clearly identify any contractual exposures or
opportunities you may have within the very large and perpetually updated Oracle License and Services
Agreements. Finally we will ensure that the ongoing support fees, which are set at your time of purchase,
are as low as possible. Our ultimate goal for al of our new license customers is that you completely
understand al of your options and are able to make a clear decision on your purchase with the lowest
prices, right products, and best possible terms available.

Support Renewal Reduction Consulting
Many Oracle customers view their yearly support renewal as a sunk cost hat cannot be lowered without a
drastic change to another software vendor. Our Oracle licensing experts have helped hundreds of
customers re-evaluate how they pay support o Oracle to deliver tens of thousands in savings. Using our
unique five step process outlined below, we will work with you to help your organization to pay less every
year at renewal time.
Phase 1: Research and Calculations – The TekStream Licensing team will become experts on your
Oracle environment. This includes a detailed review of al your Oracle contracts, support renewals,
interviews with key staff members regarding the Oracle deployment, and a full review of the hardware
and/or hosting environments supporting your Oracle software. At his stage we will perform various
calculations based on your current support costs to determine the return on investment of the various
options and which should be included in our analysis and final report.

Phase 2: Analysis and Reporting – The TekStream team will analyze this information using our in-depth
knowledge of Oracle’s complex, ad-hoc support racking system. We will produce a final report hat
details our findings and list of recommendations. This will include specific references to appendices
detailing your current contractual terms and support costs. Relevant cost justifications for the
recommendations will also be included.

Phase 3: Review and Planning – TekStream’s final report will be carefully reviewed with your team to
ensure you fully understand the suggestions being presented. After the review it will be up to your team
to decide which options are a fit for your organization. When the recommendations you chose to move
forward with are selected, TekStream will work with you to prepare a plan to implement these with Oracle.

Phase 4: Implementation – Working closely with your team, TekStream will help you to position your
requests with the right people at Oracle to make sure you are heard and give you the maximum
opportunity for success. In some cases (with your permission) we may also communicate directly with
Oracle on your behalf.

Phase 5: Management – The TekStream team will continue to work with you to review your support
renewal each year (at no additional charge) to ensure your savings are maintained. We will also be
available as ongoing licensing and support questions come up in the months and years after our work on
your license analysis.

Oracle Audit and Compliance Strategic Consulting
If you are currently undergoing an Oracle Licensing Audit or if even if Oracle has begun to ask pointed
questions about what hardware you are running, our TekStream Licensing Experts can help. The audit
process can be intimidating, confusing, and frustrating; working with TekStream will provide you with the
peace of mind and a complete understanding of the licensing rules by which your company is being
evaluated. Most of al, we will help you feel confident hat your environment is properly licensed and any
liability you might have to Oracle has ben reduced as much as possible or in some cases even

ULA Evaluation Services (New and Existing)
The Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) can provide cost savings for some customers and a huge
additional expense to others. Typically these agreements are offered by Oracle for a 3-5 year period
during which the organization can use as many Oracle licenses as they ned. At he end of the
agreement, an organization will have to decide whether to sign another contract or declare their license
usage and move forward. During both the initial negotiation and the re-evaluation phases it is critical that
many different aspects be taken into account including growth of the business (potential acquisitions,
spin-ofs, mergers), growth of the Oracle environment, the requirements of the IT Team, and of course
cost. It’s also critical to understand the long-term costs of these contracts and how a ULA can impact
your ongoing support costs for decades into the future. Our Evaluation Service can help you to look at
these contracts with an unbiased eye and se the positives and negatives for your organization. We can
help you to identify negotiation points that can help you to truly make this type of agreement worthwhile or
ones that may make you decide to take another route. This will ensure that whatever path you chose for
your Oracle purchase it will be the one that is best for your organization.