TekStream Software Licensing Services

Find the perfect enterprise software for your business needs and make software licensing simple with the help of TekStream consultants

Enterprise software has transformed the business world. Now everything from document storage to security to payments processing can be done in one place using cutting-edge enterprise software. Unfortunately, choosing the right type of software often becomes a frustrating process. Navigating all the options and weighing the costs alone can feel overwhelming. TekStream’s software licensing consultants are experts in all the options available, so we can help you make the right choice for your organization.

About Our Software Licensing Services:

TekStream helps our customers license the perfect software for their needs. With all the thousands of products in the Oracle stack, not to mention alternatives and complementary softwares, few companies feel equipped to make such vital decisions on their own. Our team specializes in database applications and Oracle Middleware, but we also help organizations looking to build next-generation AP Processing capability through Inspyrus AP Solutions. TekStream even has certified experts in Splunk, the industry-leading performance monitoring and security tool. We can evaluate your software needs to suggest the best combination of licenses to maximize your ROI.

Our software licensing services focus particularly on:

  • Oracle Licensing – Let TekStream’s team of licensing experts help you choose the right option for your business. Whether you are purchasing new software licenses, trying to save money on renewals, or simply want an evaluation of your current license agreements, we have a team of experienced professionals that can help.
  • Inspyrus Licensing
  • Splunk Licensing – Licensing is the first step in your Splunk implementation journey. Our team of Splunk Specialists have extensive experience providing licenses and consulting services to guarantee that you have the right licenses to fit your company’s needs.

TekStream’s software license consulting and resell team can help you mitigate the complexity and frustration of enterprise software licensing.  Our deep knowledge helps you sift through your options to make the best licensing choice for your organization— at the lowest price available.  

In addition, many customers feel frustrated with having to deal with multiple vendors to address a specific business need.  For that reason, we represent several complementary product lines, which helps make purchasing and implementing these products together simple, inexpensive, and error-free.