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Case Study

Case Study

Medifast Uses Splunk to Monitor Their Production eCommerce Environment in AWS

Customer: Medifast

Industry: Consumer Services, Weight & Health Management

Business Pain: The presenting issues with Medifast were, first, that they had requirements to successfully complete a PCI audit and, second, that they needed to get their AWS cloud implementation in shape. It was determined soon after beginning the project that no PCI was stored within Splunk. Therefore, the focus shifted to how to utilize Splunk to aid in the PCI audit and in the monitoring of their production eCommerce environment in AWS.

How we fixed it:

Dashboards and reports were created to be utilized in the monitoring, the Linux auditd technology add-on and app were also implemented in Splunk to aid in the monitoring of the AWS hosts. In the course of reviewing the Splunk environment, several anomalies were found relative to deviation from best practices for Splunk deployment and configuration. Some of these were remediated during the project and others were presented to the client as recommendations to implement later.