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Case Study

Case Study

Unified Global Communication Portal for Emo Trans

Customer: Emo Trans

Industry: Logistics / Transportation

Business Pain: 

  • Create foundation for corporate extranet and employee intranet
  • Isolated systems – Information sharing on a one to one basis between EMO internally and/or with customers
  • Each country has a different system for tracking, reporting, connectivity, event management, supply chain processing and other operational systems
  • Today’s technology is constantly changing and EMO needs to innovate to stay ahead of the curve
  • Customers operating in multiple countries potentially need to access different EMO systems for each country they work in
  • Customers are asking for more advanced data, tracking, mobile, and planning capabilities

How we fixed it :

  • Latest versions of Oracle WebCenter Portal and Content hosted in the Oracle Compute Cloud
  • Extensive integration with external systems and operational data
  • Dashboard visualization of relationship between EMO Trans and authenticated users
  • Provide capabilities for highly targeted content communication with internal and external audiences

Technology Involved: Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle Compute Cloud

Zero Risk Cloud:

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