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Case Study

Enterprise Digital Asset Management (EDAM) Solution Provides Competitive Edge

Customer: The Wendy’s Co.

Industry: Quick Service Restaurant Chain

Business Pain: Wendy’s is the 3rd largest quick-service burger chain in the world, with locations in over 29 countries. Wendy’s wanted to enhance their Digital Menu Board (DMB) by relying on a single source for imaging and metadata, which in turn would expedite the delivery process involving both new and altered DMB content.

How we fixed it : Working in partnership with the DMB project and Wendy’s marketing group, TekStream documented the business process flows associated with image asset creation and use and formed the basis for a high-level design which was then implemented as a Proof of Concept (POC). TekStream addressed the need for an improved, centralized image management strategy by providing an Enterprise Digital Asset Management (eDAM) solution powered by Oracle WebCenter Content. When Wendy’s needed to gain competitive advantages while reducing costs and significantly improving the customer experience, TekStream was in the best position to help build and integrate their new Digital Menu Board at over 700 locations.

Technology Involved: TekStream leveraged an eDAM solution running on Oracle WebCenter to successfully implement the cornerstone application for an enterprise-wide content management strategy. DAM software encompasses a wide variety of content types and usage scenarios in delivering a solution that seamlessly manages image, caloric and video file format assets. WebCenter Content is an enterprise level Content Management application which provides users with capabilities for Document Management, Web Content Manage­ment, Digital Asset Management, and Records & Retention Management. DMB content.