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Case Study

Splunk Core Security Managed Services for LASAN

Customer: Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment (LASAN)

Industry: Waste Management

Business Pain: Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment (LASAN) is responsible for collect clean and recycle all of the waste generated in the City of LA. It’s a lot of waste for over four million residents with a significant emphasis on recycling. They were challenged to modify and maintain their Splunk environment for the purposes of detecting security related events and anomalies.

LASAN had a Splunk instance focused on security leveraging a single core Splunk security instance and out of the box applications. Their infrastructure had gone through changes and their Splunk environment needed updating.

How we fixed it : We changed their feeds to update apps, introduce syslog and we scaled the Splunk infrastructure to segregate roles for various Splunk instances. We also performed a security assessment and security use case ranking, implemented a notable infrastructure, and a variety of prioritized use cases to highlight access anomalies, specific security threats, and provided managed services and troubleshooting along the way. Performance went up dramatically, we were able to implement a wide variety of high priority use case, the feed infrastructure was modified, and custom security-related dashboards were developed.

Technology Involved: Splunk Enterprise Security 

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