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Case Study

Reliable Analysis, Inc. Seeks Cloud Based Content Management Repository

Customer: Reliable Analysis, Inc.

Industry: Medical Testing and Clinical Laboratories

Business Pain: Reliable Analysis started in 1990 as a small materials testing laboratory. More than 25 years later, they are a premier international testing laboratory focusing on the automotive industry.  Whether USA, European, or Asian OEM’s, they have extensive experience with almost any specification or procedure. With Reliable Analysis’ facilities in Michigan, USA and Shanghai and Liuzhou, China, they have a global focus and multi-national business processes.

Reliable Analysis, Inc. is completing necessary and strategic steps for to provide a Cloud based content and contract management repository and workflow application to improve their Quote Builder Process to gain more accuracy, efficiency, and streamline the process. With a focus on optimizing their Quote Builder Process for both US and China operations, Reliable Analysis requires a system that not only enables their teams to address client needs more quickly and accurately, but also support multi-lingual interfaces.

Due to the complexity of the test options that can be offered to their clients, Reliable Analysis needed a more intuitive way to create and maintain a test library as well as create custom tests to meet specific client needs.  Having the test library accessible from the quote builder tool was paramount to their success.  In many cases, clients would request the same procedures to be performed multiple times across different quotes.  Providing the ability to retrieve a previous quote and use that as a starting point also allows for more efficient quote building operations while reducing the time required to facilitate contract negotiations.  Reliable Analysis was performing these operations manually and the complexity of their business model required flexibility and automation through modernized technology.

How we fixed it: TekStream proposed using Oracle’s Content and Experience Cloud and Oracle’s Integration Cloud Services to provide a robust solution supporting both the Test Builder operations and Quote Builder application.  The overall solution allows users to create a maintainable library of common test while allowing for growth and extension of the available test through easy to use interfaces.  Linked to the Test Builder library, the Quote Builder allows for users to easily retrieve client information, select tests from the Test Builder library, adjust pricing and test cycles as needed, an provide an automated workflow approval to speed the quote building processes enabling them to turn around customer request in a more timely fashion.  The solution provides both a US based application and one for their Chinese operations.  The system also provides a quick view into the quote process through Content and Experience Cloud’s ability to create and maintain Microsite allowing for an intuitive interface for management to view the overall processes and know current status of their operations.

The solutions success is demonstrated by being able to maintain a complete library of test that provide the foundation of the quoting process while allowing for variations and pricing options to be assigned to the test at the time of quoting.  This greatly improves the accuracy of the quoting process, reduces duplications of test procedures, and reduces the time required to assemble quotes for the clients.  In addition, the solution is 100% cloud based running on the Oracle Cloud meaning that the overhead for maintaining, upgrading, and supporting the application is greatly reduced and requires less time and effort from their technical teams.

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