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Case Study

WebCenter Imaging, Document Capture, Forms Recognition, E-Business Suite Accelerator, Accounts Payable, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle iExpense

Customer: ResCare

Industry: Human Services

Intro Hook: Oracle WebCenter Imaging provides visibility into Accounts Payable process

Business Pain: ResCare is a leading North America human services and support provider, serving more than 2 million people each year at over 1,000 locations across the country. Our client’s business has continued to grow through organic growth and acquisition and now has annual revenue over $1.5B.

Similar to many companies that have grown quickly and through acquisition, our client was looking for opportunities to reduce the overhead cost of processing paper and manual-based entry of data primarily through their Accounts Payable function. Further, our client wanted to reduce the time from receipt-to-payment of invoices, increase the visibility of the liability associated with invoices on remote approver’s desks and implement automated controls to the process.

How we fixed it: TekStream streamlined the high-volume invoice handling process through the automation of paper and email-based input channels. What emerged is a ResCare-specific automated solution for paper and email invoice capture, automated data extraction, workflow processing for approvals and exceptions, and automated data upload to Oracle Accounts Payables with links to invoice images.

Our client has been able to dramatically reduce their costs associated with managing and mailing paper-based invoices, reduce storage costs associated with paper and re-purpose resources that were manually keying in invoice data to other value-added projects while being able to process more invoices with the same or fewer resources. They will continue to see their Return on Investment (ROI) increase as their business continues to grow and as the number of paper-based business processes moves to this enterprise content and imaging solution.

This solution is capable of being used for other business processes and is supporting our client in automating their Oracle iExpense solution by providing electronic imaging for expense report receipts and in the automation of their Capital Expense approval process by automating the imaging, routing, and approval of multiple documents associated with approving large scale projects.

Technology Involved: TekStream leveraged Oracle’s WebCenter Imaging, Document Capture, Forms Recognition, and E-Business Suite Accelerator. These enterprise level tools provide an integrated solution for customers using Oracle’s E-Business Suite solution to eliminate paper-based routing and storage, enable automated and electronic workflow approvals, reduce manual data entry of invoice information and provide visibility into the overall Accounts Payable process.