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New York State Office of Attorney General Seeks Records Management Application

Customer: New York State Office of Attorney General

Industry: Government

Business Pain: The New York State Office of Attorney General (OAG) is investing in modern solutions to enable more effective and efficient service to the citizens of the State of New York.  A key area of this service is within the regulatory bureaus – Charities, Real Estate Finance, and Investor Protection.

The OAG sought a centralized enterprise system to shift manual registration and reporting burdens to a modern web based application to allow electronic filing and there by improve profile management, records management, messaging, electronic data collection for reporting and compliance monitoring, and greater transparency.

OAG had an older paper based processing took up to 120 days for charities to register fully. Most paper based filings were submitted with incomplete and inaccurate information which resulted in multiple revision cycles that took a lot of manual effort. Most data captured in the paper filings remained in the document format that did not allow for analytical reporting.

How we fixed it : TekStream worked with subject matter experts to simplify the business process and design a user friendly web form to allow charities to enter accurate data and thereby reducing the number of cycles needed for verification of the information submitted. TekStream assisted OAG in the evaluation of 3rd party integration vendors and helped identify the best options for the application and for the enterprise as a whole.

Oracle Fusion Middleware products including WebLogic, WebCenter, SOA, BPM, and Business Intelligence were used in the implementation of the project. These products were extensively configured, coded and tested to address each and every business requirement. The resulted application greatly improved the automation of several business processes, user experience and overall adoption of the application by internal and external users.

TekStream designed the application and infrastructure in a way that it can be expanded and used for other similar business applications.

The new electronic process reduced the time to process a charity registration to 3 days on an average from the older paper based process that took up to 120 days. The new process also improved the accuracy of the data and reduced the number of review cycles before a registration application was approved. All data collected is saved in an electronic format which is being used for analytical reporting. The application set a standard to be followed by other similar manual processes to be converted to an electronic process.

Technology Involved: Oracle Fusion Middleware products including WebLogic, WebCenter, SOA, BPM, and Business Intelligence


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