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Inspyrus Platform on Oracle Cloud for BrightSpring Health Services

Customer: BrightSpring Health Services

Industry: Hospitals / Health Care

Business Pain: BrightSpring began in 1974 as ResCare in Louisville, Kentucky and is deeply committed to making a difference in people’s lives and communities. Their unique capability to deliver quality service and care where and when people need it most sets them apart in the health care field. BrightSpring Health Services (BHS) is the leading provider of comprehensive home and community-based health services to complex populations in need of specialized care. Due to its size and operational complexity, BHS’ home office processes nearly a million invoices a year. Working from an existing on-premise, TekStream built an AP solution years ago to support their Accounts Payable operations and then worked with BHS to implement a new solution on Oracle Cloud architecture migrating previous AP solution to a new and improved deployment of Inspyrus.  As part of this process, BHS also looked to migrating their ERP to Oracle Cloud Fusion. BHS’ movement to the cloud and newer innovative platforms was based on an effort to reduce internal IT cost to maintain, manage, and monitor the Inspyrus platform resources. BHS also engaged TekStream’s Managed Service Partner (MSP) program for these critical services and engaged in TekStream’s Premium Support program for tailored Inspyrus application solution support.

Key Pain Points:

  • AP is a core unit of the BHS business model, as such requires 24/5 critical monitoring
  • Internal skillsets lacking on Inspyrus software and OCI cloud platform
  • Cost of ongoing maintenance of on-premise hardware
  • Cost of internal IT staffing and staff training
  • Ensuring SOC and ISO compliance
  • Cost of ongoing maintenance of on-premise OS/Software
  • Visibility on system uptime metrics and issue tracking
  • Metrics on hardware resources consumed to optimize sizing needs
  • BrightSpring is undergoing a number of acquisitions, need an ability to resize infrastructure to meet changing demands

How we fixed it: The Inspyrus platform was established within secure private structures on an Oracle Cloud instance and integrated with multiple cloud and on-premise components based on extensive security controls to provide a seamless AP management solution for EBS in preparation for their Fusion ERP cutover.   The environment and related process controls are consistently audited for SOC II verification. 

TekStream ensured that the Inspyrus solution was extensively configured, deployed, and tested to address each area of concern while providing consistency and high visibility for their AP department.  The net result of the provided solution greatly improves ingestion, circulation and payment automation along with an Analytics component that establishes extensive metrics on each area of the process, so that bottlenecks are quickly identified and addressed.  As part of the overall solution, TekStream has also been tagged to provide a cost-effective long term Managed Services under a SOC II compliant operation to maintain the system environment and provide technical assistance. This is done through the following :}

  • Monitoring and triage 24/7
  • Patch management: OS, database, and application
  • Issue remediation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Notification services
  • Quarterly reports for system issues, critical system uptime, and resource metrics
  • Daily external vulnerability scanning to ensure protection from outside attacks
  • Monthly internal-elevated vulnerability scanning to ensure deep system protection and security threats
  • Synthetic HTTP monitoring of critical URLs

    TekStream was able to provide the needed next generation, cloud-based AP processing tool that provided a single, modern user experience that incorporated best-in-class OCR, processing, workflow and reporting capabilities to BrightSpring Health Services.  By providing a Cloud-based solution and Managed Services to ensure the operational and ongoing excellence of the delivered environments, TekStream worked closely with the BHS business and technical teams to drive a complete solution that allows BHS to focus on their business rather than having to divert resources to maintain the delivered application.  All of this was accomplished with Inspyrus deployed on Oracle Cloud provided BHS with the flexibility and capabilities they needed to streamline their AP processes, reduce overall costs, and turn AP into a strategic asset with TekStream’s MSP to ensure the consistent operation across their organization.

Technologies Involved:  Inspyrus, Oracle Cloud