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Case Study

Genuine Parts Company Implements Global Intranet on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Customer: Genuine Parts Company 

Industry: Automotive Parts Distribution

Business Pain: Genuine Parts Company (GPC) has implemented its Global Intranet – “GPCConnect” using Oracle WebCenter Suite that acts as the primary means of communication from the Human Resources department to its employees. It also serves as a single point of entry for various 3rd party systems with SSO and allows employees to self-service HR related activities. This system was run on an external datacenter which affected the stability and performance of the system. GPC wanted to move this to a robust environment that meets the GPC’s SLA requirements.

How we fixed it :

TekStream reviewed the available options to host the GPCConnect Portal including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle’s WebCenter Portal Cloud service as well the cost of continuing to run the system in the same environment with new hardware and determined that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the best option for GPCConnect use case based on the following factors

  • Overall lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Better leverage the WebCenter Suite Licenses as the capacity doubled when running Oracle on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

TekStream then designed a robust cloud architecture with the following features and implemented the migration seamlessly with the system being down for only a few hours during the cut over.

  • Leveraged multiple availability domains in OCI’s region to achieve physical location redundancy and eliminated the need for a DR system to reduce cost,
  • Created VPN’s with reserved internal IP’s from the GPC Network to make the OCI environment an extension to their infrastructure.
  • Setup dedicated network connectivity between GPCConnect and GPC’s internal systems such as Active Directory using Oracle’s FastConnect to ensure reliable connectivity.

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