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Case Study

EMR Recovery and Health Check for SpendHQ

Customer: SpendHQ

Industry: IT Services

Business Pain: SpendHQ had created its EMR cluster by hand a few years ago and the primary individual responsible for the care and feeding of the cluster left the company. Later, the master node of the cluster had communication problems talking to the cluster nodes, the filesystem experienced corruption and critical business intelligence was at risk for being lost and unrecoverable. 

How we fixed it: TekStream worked with SpendHQ to identify a more supportable architecture. The new cluster was created by using Terraform and lent itself to easy re-creation, if needed. The TekStream architect was able to decrease overall costs by reducing overall capacity, but leveraging auto-scaling groups. Data was migrated over from the old cluster and the business was able to fully recover and move forward.

Technology Involved: Terraform 

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