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Case Study

Crif Requests AWS Post Migration Assessment and Recommendations

Customer: Crif

Industry: Financial Services 

Business Pain: After being sold off, Crif was required to relocate its infrastructure from a data center and migrated to AWS. The partner they choose to assist with their migration was not as successful as they could be, and as a result, their migrated infrastructure was prone to performance issues, outages, and suffered from an overall lack of visibility.

The Crif application was comprised of many components including MSSQL, COBOL running on mainframes, Netscaler appliances, and elastic beanstalk. The NetScaler configuration was incomplete, the databases were not optimized to configured properly, and Crif had almost zero monitoring in place. On top of that, Crif’s IT team was new to AWS so when it came to troubleshooting, they were subject to steep “On the job training.” Pressure from customers required them to take immediate action.

Their application was prone to multiple outages, performance issues, and lack of internal visibility. The Crif team was having serious challenges in supporting their environment and servicing their customers. This was leading to revenue impacting situations.

How we fixed it: AWS conducted a Well-Architected Review which helped TekStream get up to speed quickly. A TekStream Architect came on-site to interview stakeholders, evaluated their AWS account, and review services and business goals.

The TekStream Architect came back with a list of prioritized recommendations that would help improve visibility and help stabilize the application. TekStream also provided several options for Managed Services since the Crif team staff was lean.

Crif was happy with the list of remediation items and used them as a “punch list” to help stabilize the environment.
TekStream was able to provide a detailed list, ordered in priority that they needed to address to stabilize and monitor their environment. TekStream was able to line up required skill sets to help configure their NetScaler and improve database performance and stability. They had the information needed to improve operations across their infrastructure.

Technology Involved: AWS Well-Architected Tool

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