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Case Study

Cox Automotive Migrates Various On-Prem Splunk Environments to Splunk Cloud

Customer: Cox Automotive

Industry: Professional Services

Business Pain: Cox Auto Incorporated (CAI) wanted to migrate various on-prem Splunk environments into their shared Splunk Cloud environment. They wanted to stop paying for maintenance of on-prem Splunk instances and make to make all of Splunk easier to manage.

Coordinating with finance and other various business teams to expand/modify the Splunk environment to accommodate the addition of new BUs. Building cloud guidelines for the new teams to ensure that the indexing volumes remain at an affordable level.

How we fixed it: The new BUs were migrated into Splunk Cloud using normal migration procedures, and in all cases, it was decided to keep the old environments running until all the data aged out. This process avoided large network loads and allowed for a smooth, gradual transition. CAI now has fewer on-prem Splunk Environments to manage and less overall hardware.