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Case Study

Amusement Park and Resort Company Gets Greater Data Performance Visibility with Splunk Dashboards

Customer: Well Known Amusement Park and Resort Company 

Industry: Entertainment

Business Pain: With a 9TB License, the customer was using Splunk to monitor 200+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 applications ranging from POS to theme park operations. They were ingesting 11 TB of data per day on average. To expand the Splunk footprint in the organization, they wanted to onboard almost 200 more applications. Before going forward with purchasing more licenses, they first wanted to right-size their environment and see if they were ingesting responsibly. They also wanted to identify any issues with data onboarding and ingestion, which could translate into greater license usage.

How we fixed it: After a thorough analysis of the environment, multiple dashboards were crafted around license utilization and audit, data onboarding and duplication, performance issues, and auditing searches.

Technology Involved: Splunk Audits and Dashboard Building