hyland migration

Migrating from WebCenter to Hyland OnBase

By: Karla Broadrick | Technical Architect & Team Lead


Ready for a change in your ECM platform?  Perhaps your organization is on an older unsupported version of WebCenter Content or WebCenter Imaging and the prospect of upgrading to the latest is overwhelming.  Maybe you are looking for an expanded feature set and future product roadmap that WebCenter simply doesn’t offer.  Or perhaps your organization owns both WebCenter and Hyland OnBase and you are looking to consolidate your footprint.  A move to Hyland OnBase might be the change you are looking for.

With experts in both WebCenter and OnBase, TekStream is uniquely positioned to assist your business with its digital transformation.  The TekStream team’s intimate knowledge of both WebCenter and OnBase allows us a deep understanding of how your current solution works, your current pain points, and future business needs.  With this understanding and OnBase expertise, we are uniquely equipped to assist you in designing an OnBase solution that will not only meet all of your current business needs, but also provide a stable platform with a product that continues to expand its features and offerings.

Below are some of the potential challenges that the TekStream team can help you navigate as you consider a migration to OnBase.

  • Metadata Model conversion: From Content Types, Profiles and Metadata to Document Type Groups, Document Types, and Keywords. How is the current metadata model best represented in OnBase?
  • Security: Securing your content is the utmost importance. TekStream can assist with mapping security groups and accounts to OnBase user group privileges and security keywords.
  • Document ingestion: How do you get documents into the system? Whether its document upload, scanning, email, or flat-file ingestion OnBase is capable of meeting your needs.
  • Workflow: TekStream can help you examine your workflow processes and determine how these should best be replicated in your OnBase solution. Or if you aren’t currently taking advantage of any workflow engine, OnBase can help streamline your business processes. TekStream will work with you to design and build out a tailored workflow to any number of business areas.
  • Executing the migration: Planning the logistics around the migration itself including extracting images and data from one system, transferring and importing it to the other.
  • Custom components and other custom functionality: Nearly every WebCenter implementation things that make it unique. Whether it’s custom components or other custom functionality that is integral to your business, it’s essential to make sure that this functionality is planned for in your OnBase implementation.


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