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Imaging Upgrade with FMW

Imaging Upgrade with FMW

By: John Schleicher | Sr. Technical Architect

Last August Oracle announced the release of Fusion Middleware  You are welcome to look at that here:  https://blogs.oracle.com/proactivesupportidm/oracle-fusion-middleware-12c-122130-has-been-released-v2.

What is not obvious in the announcement however is the ability to support the Fusion Middleware (FMW) Imaging component post release.  This is of particular concern to Accounts Payable (AP) Solutions based using the Application eXtension Frameworks (AXF) Solution Accelerator.  Clients with these AP solutions of which many still sit on pre baselines now have a migration path to maintain their software within support and that allows them to take advantage of current Fusion Middleware infrastructure, newer features, and the latest security offerings.  Just within the scope of infrastructure upgrade customers can expect to take advantage of:

  • Updated JDK with current security updates.
  • New/current Operating System (OS) support
  • Security patches delivery
  • Cloud integrations available via 12c FWM

Why should AXF Solution customers be interested in the upgrade?  As mentioned earlier they now have a fully functional migration path for their AP software that extends their premier support window past December 2018 extending it 4 years to Dec 2022.    AXF Solutions that leverage the customizable coding form will soon have a 12c compatible upgrade to fill out their solution as well.    This release of this component is imminent.  With that, the customizations built into their 11g solutions can be applied to the 12c based Application Developer Framework (ADF) project that is configured post upgrade.

There are additional advantages as well:

  • Capture improvements are the most functional for Imaging customers in 12c. A new recognition processor engine opens up the capture engine to non-Windows operating systems.  Cloud/DOCS interfaces are present.  Outlook EWS capability for mail client offers more security.  There is also additional scripting capabilities built in.
  • For Imaging clients using Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) in their solution, the new engine offers much better reporting capabilities and no dependency on browser type and version. Existing reports will require regeneration but the toolset is much more robust and any additional development will see much better statistical monitoring capabilities.
  • SOA improvements lie in cloud integration and tools that ease new development.

Some TekStream clients have partially upgraded their solutions to pick up new features of capture and overcome expired certificates in the 11g client.  This partial upgrade can be done as this component can be easily separated from the rest of the AP solution.  In doing so however creates a hybrid solution with two separate weblogic servers.  With the release this is no longer necessary.

Why should you contact TekStream for the upgrade?  TekStream is the premier systems integrator with Oracle products in the WebCenter Content, Portal, Sites, and Imaging arenas.  We have laid the groundwork to perform the upgrade with minimal risk of downtime through considerable product knowledge, multiple iterations through the process, and stringent internal procedures.  The upgrade process is quite complex with lots of components, pre and post upgrade configurations (some documented, some not).  Let us help you to make this as painless a process as possible to reap the benefits of an up to date imaging solution.

Stay tuned for more information about Upgrading your AXF Imaging Solution Accelerator solution.

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