Hey Inspyrus AP Automation! Can My JDE Come Out To Play?

Inspyrus JDE Integration

Hey Inspyrus AP Automation! Can My JDE Come Out To Play?

By: Marvin Martinez | Senior Developer

So you’re interested in AP Invoice Automation but have found that there is not much support for your JDE ERP amongst the automation crowd? Fortunately, Inspyrus Invoice Automation plays well with various ERPs, one of which is JDE, allowing for full integration with this ERP.

Inspyrus Invoice Automation is fully compatible with various ERPs, including EBS, PeopleSoft, and JDE. The integration is seamless from the user’s perspective as the Inspyrus Invoice Automation Solution will execute this integration behind the scenes, relaying business validation errors and messages to the user and automatically importing invoices into the ERP of your choice. This has the added benefit of allowing users with various ERP skillsets to work with a unified user interface that is ERP-agnostic. Note, in the image below, that the ERP being integrated has no real bearing on the user interface and shields the user from the burden of dealing with the ERP directly. All of the functionality is provided via the user interface which streamlines and facilitates many ERP actions.


Once the solution is configured, PO matching, invoice processing, and approval routing all work similarly, regardless of what ERP the solution is integrated with. One may ask, however, “how is this all done?” Aren’t EBS, for example, and JDE distinctly different ERPs? They are distinctly different but, as a robust invoice automation tool, Inspyrus Invoice Automation can be configured quickly to work with any of these ERP systems with a few streamlined configuration steps.

First, the Inspyrus invoice validation procedures are quickly configured to work with the JDE BSSV (Business Service) web services, up to and including JDE 9.2. These services are used by the Inspyrus solution to validate invoices according to the validations and rules defined by the JDE instance. Any errors returned by these BSSVs will be displayed in the Inspyrus solution so that they may be corrected before processing can complete.

Second, the Inspyrus solution is configured to use the database of the JDE instance. This configuration is streamlined and implemented by default with the most common scenarios for retrieving vendor, purchase order, tolerance, and additional data. You might ask, “What if our JDE instance does not fit these common scenarios?” Rest assured! The solution is easily configurable to retrieve the data in accordance with a specific JDE instance’s configuration. All of the above information can be rapidly and efficiently configured to retrieve relevant business data from wherever it exists in the JDE instance. Have specific codes in a different place to distinguish a 3-way PO from a 2-way PO? No problem! Inspyrus has you covered.

Finally, and potentially most importantly, the Inspyrus solution, now communicating with the JDE instance’s database, can be easily configured to leverage the existing approval hierarchies configured in JDE. This integration allows for real-time changes to the approval hierarchy to be reflected in the Inspyrus solution. Approvals within the Inspyrus user interface are streamlined (even allowing for email approvals) and tracked for easier reporting, along with a multitude of other metrics.

The Inspyrus Invoice Automation solution is extremely versatile on many fronts. One of these fronts is ERP integration. The fruits of the AP Invoice Automation tree should not be restricted to certain ERPs. The Inspyrus Invoice Automation solution is fully positioned to not only make, but keep true, to that claim. JDE customers, your AP Invoice Automation solution is calling! Contact us for more information on automating your invoice processing!