Software That Grows With Your Business

Modernizing Applications to Prevent Growing Pains and Increase Resilience

Traditional application development methods are becoming increasingly obsolete. To stay competitive, you need to develop flexible and adaptable applications that easily integrate emerging technologies, such as AI/GenAI, without requiring a complete overhaul every time, regardless of whether the environment is on-premises, cloud-native or hybrid.

Modern application development addresses this need for agility. It enables you to build a flexible architecture that scales and evolves as business needs change and new capabilities and functionalities become available. And it provides the necessary framework to adapt swiftly, irrespective of the service delivery model or the development environment.


What are the major benefits you’ll get from modernizing your applications? Here are the top four benefits that make it best for building your middleware and mission-critical applications.

Efficient Launch Timing & Market Responsiveness

The main benefit of the modern app approach is its ability to radically simplify the development process. It is built on agile practices, cloud platforms, microservices architecture and continuous integration and delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD) to enable faster and more efficient development cycles.

Modern application development significantly reduces the time from concept to deployment. This rapid development and deployment cycle enables businesses to respond quickly to market changes and user needs, giving you a competitive edge. Leveraging this flexible modality also helps you access and act upon real-time data to make timely decisions and stay responsive to market dynamics.

    Unlike traditional application development practices, where changes can be overwhelming and time-consuming, a modern application practice facilitates rapid deployment and iteration. This makes the development process faster and more flexible.

    Future-proofing & Secure Scalability

    Software security is at the heart of the application modernization methodology. It leverages the latest security practices to deploy software in a safe environment, ensuring that applications are safe from current threats and adaptable to future security challenges. Adopting a modern development process ensures your applications are tailored to current business needs and can accommodate future advancements and scalability. This future-proofing aspect means that applications can evolve alongside the business. By adopting modern application development, especially in cloud-based service delivery models, you can move away from capital-intensive IT investments toward more flexible operational costs.

      Enhancing Flexibility & User Experience

        Applications developed with this approach are inherently flexible and scalable, catering to various user needs and business scenarios. This flexibility is crucial for user-centric and middleware applications, which help connect data sources and facilitate seamless operations within an organization.

        Modern application development enables businesses to adapt quickly to change, whether market trends, customer feedback or technological advancements. This agility is vital to maintaining a competitive edge in a fast-paced digital environment.

        Opening Doors to Advanced Technologies

          Modern applications provide a foundation for integrating advanced technologies like machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT). By embracing this cloud-first strategy, businesses can easily incorporate new technologies into their applications, unlocking advanced capabilities and insights. This foundation keeps the development doors open for emerging technology.

          Getting Started

          If you know you’d like to explore application modernization, here are some criteria considered to be important when choosing the partner you work with.

          Integrating Advanced Technologies & Best Practices

          Find a partner who operates as a one-stop shop, covering all facets of application development. This includes initial concept, development, deployment and ongoing support, offering a seamless and integrated service experience. We combine our extensive expertise with the latest security and fault tolerance best practices. By integrating advanced technologies like DevOps/CI/CD, Gen AI and no-code/lowcode, we help you design innovative and robust applications.

          Validated Expertise for Your Assurance

          The right partner offers the technical mastery to ensure agile delivery without compromising quality. TekStream demonstrates this approach to help you get significant savings on the total cost of ownership, a crucial factor for any business. The assurance of working with certified experts in AWS serverless, serverless containers and Kubernetes-based applications adds an extra layer of confidence in your project’s success.

          Financial & Strategic Flexibility

          With the capability to access additional funding options like the AWS partner funding program, TekStream offers you access to financially savvy solutions that can bring tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to your project. We focus on creating applications that are effective today but scalable and adaptable for tomorrow. This foresight is crucial for maintaining the relevance and efficiency of your applications in the long term.

          The TekStream Advantage

          Our ability to quickly understand an organization’s unique challenges and objectives stands out. This approach is not just about deploying the latest technologies; it involves engaging closely with both technical and business stakeholders, which is part of the TekStream advantage. Such collaboration ensures that each decision made in the development process is strategic and aligned with the long-term vision of the business to develop the best architecture possible. Maintaining this perspective is crucial, especially for organizations that might not have the capacity or expertise to embrace modern app development entirely.