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AP Automation: Expedite Your Business Day

By: Marvin Martinez | Senior Developer

              The Accounts Payable (AP) process is, by its nature, complex and attempts at automating some facets of it can easily end up being unfruitful and costly, and sometimes unsuccessful.  Inspyrus AP automation provides some very beneficial, time-saving, and just downright impressive automation features to streamline any AP processing.   A trio of some of the more advanced automation features is detailed below.

3-way PO matching – One common type of purchase order (PO) is a 3-way PO.  To be matched, these require a PO Number, PO Line Number, and a receipt.  Inspyrus AP automation can detect a PO number from the invoice and determine the appropriate line number from the line item information on the invoice.  From there, if the receipt exists, the Inspyrus solution will automatically find and match the invoice to the receipt in the ERP.  This allows for no-touch processing of 3-way POs with the Inspyrus AP automation solution.  So, what if the receipt is not yet available?  For these situations, Batch Matching is another great automation feature!

When a purchase order (PO) is identified and paired successfully but the receipt does not yet exist for it, AP must wait for the receipt to be available before going back and matching the appropriate invoice to the receipt and processing through.  With Batch Matching, this process can be automated.  Once the invoice is in the Inspyrus solution and the PO information is known, the Inspyrus solution will check for availability of the receipt daily and, once available, automatically perform the matching of the receipt to the invoice and process it through for payment.  No more necessity of human monitoring, leaving those resources free to perform other crucial activities.

What if the invoice is received but only includes one item line referencing a purchase order across two different PO lines?  There’s a convenient automation feature just for that as well!  Inspyrus AP automation can determine the PO for the line and, if the total is spread across various PO lines, will automatically split the single line into the corresponding receipt lines available in the ERP.  For example, if the invoice contains a line for a quantity of 100 but the ERP shows two receipts for quantities of 70 and 30, Inspyrus AP automation will split the single line on the invoice to two separate ones matching to the 70/30 lines automatically.

Inspyrus AP automation provides a plethora of features that can help a company streamline their invoice processing responsibilities.  The three highlighted above can greatly reduce the time spent on 3-way POs to the point of near full automation.  Together with the myriad other invoice processing features,  Inspyrus AP automation can save an AP department a tremendous amount of time.

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