After decades of experience implementing and supporting enterprise-class Cloud and On-premise environments, we find that the operational demands of these environments are not getting any easier to maintain. In fact, as Cloud and hybrid implementations become increasingly common, supporting and managing today’s leading technologies including today’s demands around security become even more difficult. Maintaining an internal staff of architects, developers, support personnel, admins, and infrastructure for critical applications is expensive. TekStream’s support and managed services take this burden off your team, so you can focus on growth— leaving the IT details to us.

About Our Service Solutions:

TekStream’s Support Offerings are designed to provide companies with flexible support hours to ensure their enterprise solutions are running smoothly, securely and efficiently at all times. Our support technicians are dedicated to a quick response to requests, providing real-time solutions and services based on years of practice with a number of enterprise solutions and infrastructure components.

Further, our company has gone through the rigorous process of obtaining our SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance ensuring that our team has the controls and auditing in place to maintain the availability, confidentiality, and security of your system.  As you look at TekStream to ensure the availability and health of your most important enterprise systems, this compliance should give you the confidence that you are in good hands with our team of experts.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Support – Eliminate infrastructure headaches and the associated drain on your technical teams by outsourcing your AWS support to TekStream
  • Hyland Support – Enhance system security, prevent outages, and ensure that your OnBase solutions continue to run smoothly 24/7
  • Liferay Support – Continually optimize the stability of your implementation. By monitoring and maintaining your environment, TekStream ensures not just that your initial investment in the platform is protected, but that future issues are identified and addressed before they arise.
  • Oracle Cloud Support – Let TekStream’s team of experienced Oracle Cloud Support consultants take care of the management and maintenance of your business’ IaaS and PaaS technologies, freeing your resources from the time and expense of running this infrastructure. Our support services easily scale as you grow so maintenance demands will never outpace our ability to deliver outstanding service.
  • Oracle On-Prem Support – Save time by letting TekStream take responsibility for the operational management of your Oracle WebCenter environment. Our support services assess the stability of your current implementation and optimize to provide better security, ensure your applications run smoothly, and prevent outages.
  • Splunk Support – Whether you need guidance in setting up a new environment or creating new solutions to optimize existing environments, Our team of certified support engineers ensure your company is getting the most out of your investment. With proactive identification of errors and anomalies, we can prevent lengthy outages and keep your system running smoothly to keep operational disruptions to a minimum.

Support and managed services for today’s Cloud and On-Prem applications aren’t easy. In fact, it is increasingly complex to:

  • Identify root causes of issues quickly
  • Know who to pull into an outage
  • Identify which component is involved
  • Pinpoint critical patches and their potential impact after adoption
    maintain performance baselines
  • Understand the vendor’s role in supporting various components

TekStream has the expertise needed to quickly identify problems, provide scaled solutions, and manage systems. With TekStream, your IT team isn’t bogged down with difficult-to-manage maintenance requests. Instead, our team of certified support and managed services consultants resolve management issues quickly and efficiently without interrupting your daily business processes.

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