Transform Mountains of Unstructured Data into Key Business Intelligence

Splunk Enterprise is the top software used by businesses around the world to turn massive amounts of raw machine data into useful business insights. Splunk Enterprise makes it easy to tap into the immense value trapped within big data generated by your infrastructure, applications, and security systems. You can then visualize operational performance and business results in simple, enterprise-friendly reports. Splunk Enterprise also has a simple interface that is friendly to users of all levels.

Plus, Splunk Enterprise is one of the most flexible platforms available, mitigating the frustrations companies often feel when using standard software applications. Splunk software comes with open APIs, machine learning, and intuitive analysis features and provides access to thousands of packaged applications and add-ins — most at no cost.

About TekStream’s Splunk Enterprise Services

TekStream’s Splunk Enterprise consultants have a diverse background in operations, security, development, and consulting, allowing us to leverage the right experience for your unique needs. TekStream can implement Splunk within your environment, either on-prem or within the cloud, and teach your team to leverage the technology to turn raw machine data into valuable insights.

TekStream ensures that you maximize every data point available and get the most value out of your Splunk Enterprise software. Your organization can use Splunk Enterprise to monitor and analyze data from almost any source, including log files, Windows events, network traffic, social media, and many others. This information can be harnessed to optimize the performance of your IT systems, business applications, processes, and security devices. The Splunk’s platform can scale from a small, targeted-use case to an enterprise-wide deployment, both of which we have years of experience deploying.

Our Splunk Enterprise services allow your company to:

  • Collect and index log and machine data from almost any source
  • Access powerful search, analysis, and visualization capabilities using a simple interface that is accessible to users of all types
  • Use integrated apps that provide solutions for IT Ops, business analysis, security, and more
  • Visualize results across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Scale as you grow without the need for a new implementation
We work with you to identify and evaluate potential areas where Splunk can provide ROI to your teams, using tools such as the Business Value Analysis (BVA). Our team of licensing experts will ensure that you purchase all appropriate licenses to remain in compliance. We will architect, install, and configure a solution that uses best practices to meet your current needs while providing a roadmap for future growth.