Inspyrus Services

Simplify Accounts Payable processing through Inspyrus’ automated, real-time processing solutions

Inspyrus’ accounts payable processing systems improve your company’s efficiency while reducing costs. This is achieved by better automating invoice processing and integrating related systems. Automating invoices and integrating them across ERP systems ensures that you can easily process invoices and reduce errors. TekStream can create custom Inspyrus solutions for your business to maximize ROI and minimize your involvement in the process.

About Our Inspyrus Services:

TekStream’s Inspyrus solutions offer you a new way to integrate paper and digital invoices into a single simple, efficient accounts payable processing solution. When TekStream designs your Inspyrus solutions, you’ll maximize your benefits, such as:

  • Fast Implementation – Our QuickStream implementation methodology allows for rapid requirements analysis, design, and road mapping, as well as faster full implementation. You’ll get your invoices automated as quickly as possible.
  • Streamlined Visibility That Maximizes Business Intelligence – We’ll set up advanced analytics that consolidates all relevant information across ERPs and company processes. Inspyrus will then automatically generate reports with clear business intelligence data and takeaways to maximize the information most useful to your particular business. All necessary financial information is carefully protected through cutting edge security, but still easily available to key individuals, including executives, operational staff, and auditors.
  • End-to-End Integration – Our flexible deployment system ensures that all procedures are fully integrated from the start to the finish of the invoicing process. You’ll get real-time feedback from each system, so they work together smoothly and get better results.

Inpsyrus Solutions:

  • AP Automation – Shorten invoice processing time and reduce manual errors by automating your AP process with Inspyrus. Standardizing processes through Inspyrus shortens processing cycles, but still allows for flexibility in exception handling. Balance your workloads and take advantage of consolidated reporting for better visibility into your company’s entire AP process.
  • Dynamic Discounting – Optimize your early payment discount process by automatically calculating discounts and prioritizing discounted invoices for processing. Your organization can dynamically adjust cash pool available for early payments based on financial goals, and identify the the best supplier candidates through rich spend analysis.
  • Supplier Enablement -Simple supplier demands can be a drain on your Accounting Team’s time. Implementing a self-service portal to quickly answer questions regarding invoice status, purchase orders, and payments can help solve this issue. This reduces up to 90% supplier inquiries and save over 50% of costs related to supplier support and management.

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Despite the advent of EDI and eInvoicing, 60% of invoices still arrive on paper or via email in formats that can’t easily be uploaded to your accounts payable processing systems. This requires manual entry, causing additional delays, costly errors, and frequent setbacks in financial processes. Inspyrus has the imaging and invoice processing technology to make 90% of the invoicing process entirely automated. You won’t have to worry about human error, and you can virtually eliminate many common financial challenges to businesses, including the following:

  • Complexities caused by multiple ERP systems and silos.
  • Lack of innovation in an area long-considered a top business priority.
  • Expensive, time-consuming reviews of manual work.
  • Lengthy approval cycles.
  • Accrual blindspots caused by ineffective data capture.