TekStream Staffing and Recruiting Services

Hire the best tech team to grow your business with the help of TekStream’s Staffing and Recruiting Team

As companies innovate operations through new software and other cutting-edge technologies, having skilled technical staff becomes even more vital. Unfortunately, many HR and recruitment departments don’t have the necessary experience to effectively assess such candidates’ qualifications for the specific roles made vital by new technologies. That’s why TekStream created a dedicated recruitment services department. Our staffing team has years of experience in IT staffing, as well as expertise in the technologies that your company likely uses, so we can pinpoint the perfect candidate to fit your needs.

About Our Staffing and Recruiting Services:

Our Recruiting Solutions Practice offers scalable, cost-effective, and mission-oriented recruitment solutions. We work with our clients in a variety of capacities to help you find the right fit for your team. If you are looking to fill a technical role, we’re always happy to discuss putting together a creative recruiting solution customized for you.

The recruiting solutions we specialize in include:

  • Contract/Permanent Placement: At TekStream, we thoughtfully approach both contract and permanent placement assignments.  We’re not order takers or resume slingers.  We collaborate with our clients and strategically approach the market.
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): Our RPO Solutions allow us to act as strategic recruiting consultants. On our projects, we work closely with clients to understand culture, overall business needs, team dynamics, as well as current and future hiring needs. Within our RPO division we have a team offering dedicated support to our Federal clients and commercial customers. Our goal is to be part of your entire life-cycle recruitment solution!
  • Fintech Recruiting Division: Our FinTech Recruiting Division offers a full range of solutions designed specifically to address this growing industry’s needs; including tactical search, skill-based assessments, and strategic advisement. We partner with public, private equity, and venture-backed firms in all sizes, ranging from pre-revenue to Fortune 500.
  • Oracle Solutions and Other Technical Competencies: In close alignment with our Consulting Practice, TekStream recruiting offers in-depth knowledge of the Oracle Stack, Splunk, and accompanying technologies.  Our vetting and assessment can be built specifically for your particular environment’s needs by employing our in-house teams.

Too often, companies struggle to accurately assess candidates’ technical competencies, only to find out that employees lack key skills needed to perform important duties after they are already hired. TekStream has the technical knowledge and recruitment experience needed to help you more effectively assess these skills. By outsourcing technical hires to our team, you ensure that new hires have the specific skills needed to excel.