Prepayments Feature Released for Inspyrus Invoice Automation

Prepayments Feature Released for Inspyrus Invoice Automation

By: Karla Broadrick | Technical Architect


Prepayments have been long time features of Oracle EBS and other ERP systems.  Prepayments allow advance payment to a supplier.  Later when the invoice is received from the supplier, the prepayment can be applied against that invoice.

In the latest release of the Inspyrus Invoice Automation Solution, a prepayments feature has been added for Oracle EBS.

The new prepayments tab in the UI has the ability to Add, Edit or Delete a Prepayment.   When adding a prepayment, simply click the Add button and a list of all available prepayments for the supplier is displayed.

The user can select a prepayment and edit how much of it should be applied to this particular invoice.


This amount is then displayed in the Prepayments tab in Inspyrus.

The prepayment information is then sent to Oracle EBS when the invoice record is created and the prepayment applied.


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