Press Release: Oracle Corporation Awards TekStream the 2016 Top Partner for Digital Experience


Press Release: Oracle Corporation Awards TekStream the 2016 Top Partner for Digital Experience

Atlanta, GA (August 8, 2016) – Oracle Corporation, the leading provider of comprehensive and fully integrated cloud applications and platform services recognized TekStream Solutions with the Oracle 2016 North America Partner Achievement Award in Digital Experience. This award represents outstanding achievement in driving adoption of Oracle cloud solutions focused on helping organizations deliver next-generation digital experiences with contextual and targeted information to their users and enable employees to access information and applications through intuitive portals, composite applications, and mash-ups.

“One of the reasons TekStream’s revenue has grown the way it has is because we’ve strategically increased our investment in Oracle on-premises and specifically their Cloud platform,” stated Judd Robins, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’re excited about continued growth in the coming years as Oracles Cloud solutions rapidly become more widely leveraged,” he added.

Over the past few years, Oracle has been making a shift to cloud based technologies. With the introduction of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), TekStream has developed strategies to help customers take full advantage of these new innovations. “TekStream has always had a focus on creating solutions to address common business needs. With the addition of Platform and Infrastructure cloud offerings from Oracle, TekStream is in a position to provide even greater offerings to our customers”, says Troy Allen, Vice President of Solutions. “There has always been a hurdle with configuring and customizing traditional on-premises applications to meet the changing needs of the business in a timely manner. Oracle Cloud’s technologies allow us to create solutions, including Contract Management, Digital Asset Management, and Campaign Management, that meet the needs of business now and can be quickly extended to meet growing business needs without having to rely on traditional development processes.”

About TekStream Solutions

TekStream Solutions is an Atlanta-based technology solutions company that specializes in addressing the company-wide IT problems faced by enterprise businesses, such as consolidating and streamlining disparate content and application delivery systems and the market challenges to create “anytime, anywhere access” to data for employees, partners and customers. TekStream’s IT consulting solutions combined with its specialized IT recruiting expertise helps businesses increase efficiencies, streamline costs and remain competitive in an extremely fast-changing market. For more information about TekStream Solutions, visit or email Judd Robins at

About Oracle Corporation

From the data center to the cloud, Oracle is eliminating the complexity that stifles business innovation. By simplifying the IT environment, Oracle enables its customers – 400,000 of them across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries to innovate faster and create added value for their own customers.

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