Case Study

Invesco's CMS Upgraded to Webcenter Content

Customer: Invesco

Investment Management

Business Pain:
Invesco’s homegrown CMS needs to be replaced with WebCenter Content. Other portions of the product suite such as WebCenter Portal need to be installed for future use. There is little to no visibility into the Java webapp that Invesco is responsible for developing and the client requires the use of SES for searching.

How we fixed it: Invesco now uses Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g and WebCenter Content 11g to manage over 6,000 assets to render the portal site. TekStream configured profiles for various Document and Web Content assets. The implementation highlights include:

  • 10 Site Studio region definitions, 6 region templates
  • 16 Profiles
  • FrameworkFolders used to logically group all assets
  • SES used as a search solution
  • 3 custom components
  • 50 custom metadata fields

Technology Involved: Oracle WebCenter Content 11g | Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g