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What is the Best AP Automation Software

By: Mariano Romano | Senior Developer

There are plenty of AP automation software options today and they all say that they are the best.  But what exactly makes them the best?  Is it the ease of use?  Is it the ability to integrate with any ERP system or the ability to view early payment discount invoices? The answer is yes and the software that has it all is Inspyrus AP Automation Software!

Integrate with Multiple ERP Systems? No Problem

You may ask, “Why do we need to integrate with multiple ERP systems?”  The answer is simple, flexibility.  Companies are always improving their processes which sometimes requires software changes.  In order to support those changes, we need best AP automation software that will not only adapt to changes in their current ERP systems but one that will allow us to integrate to other ERP systems as we acquire companies for growth.

Inspyrus has written their solution in such a way that they can easily integrate to future ERP systems to fit their client’s needs.  Currently, Inspyrus integrates with SAP, EBS, PeopleSoft, and JDE just to name a few.

Speed, I Just Want Speed

Everyone expects things to work immediately.  We want our software to work fast and for it be intuitive.  Most ERP systems have an old interface using old web technologies.  On top of that, you have a 100+ page document explaining how to use the interface.  We don’t want that.

Inspyrus was built to provide a feature-rich interface for the web and mobile devices using the latest technologies.  This allows for the interface to be flexible and fast, just like what you would expect from a modern interface.

Make Money While Paying Invoices? Done and Done

Now you may ask, “Is it possible to make money from my AP Automation Software?”  With early payment discounts, you can save money by paying your invoices earlier.  But in order to have this ability, you need a system that allows you to easily see those invoices.

With the Inspyrus Total Discounting solution, you can easily see invoices that have early pay discounts in order to take advantage of this cost savings.  Best of all, you do not have to pay for this feature!  You only pay depending on how much money you save.  How incredible is that!

So it is clear that Inspyrus has written a state of the art AP Automation Software.  But what is next?  Well, it would be nice to have reporting dashboards and the ability for suppliers to have insights to their invoices right?  Well, guess what, Inspyrus has that too!

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