Taking Legacy From Zero to Hero with Oracle WebCenter!

HeroIt happens to all of us. There comes a time when we realize that our needs have moved too far beyond the capabilities of our current environment.  Then what?

There are a lot of approaches that can be used for software upgrades, but irrespective of approach, it is absolutely the perfect opportunity to take stock and consider:



  • Is this part of a wider platform upgrade?
  • Will the existing infrastructure support the new environment?
  • Like-for-like upgrade or introduce improvements and new features?
  • What feedback are your user groups providing?
  • If you started it all again what would you have done differently?

Within the Oracle WebCenter specialization, TekStream is working with an increasing base of clients who recognize the need to move from an older legacy environment (for example products from Stellent, Plumtree, BEA, or FatWire) up to the latest offerings from Oracle.  Often times these clients have invested some time back prior to Oracle’s acquisition of the vendor providing their software platform. The sum of the parts is a lot more than what  had been included with the prior products, so with a lot more available where do you start?

We recommend a structured small step upgrade to these projects.  This approach ensures the highest level of user continuity, and also allows the client team to learn the new product and form a vision for broader use of the new capabilities.  TekStream recommends the following typical process:

  • Conduct QuickStream discovery workshops to define existing environment and ensure comprehensive transition within the upgrade
  • Install and configure the new product version in the new infrastructure (if infrastructure is being updated as well)
  • Migrate from old to new, with the only changes being those needed to ensure the working parts continue to function seamlessly for the end user community
  • Conduct a follow-up QuickStream to explore opportunities for enhancement or expansion across your enterprise, delivering a roadmap that leverages your WebCenter investment
  • Phase the implementation approach with changes introduced over a defined period of time
  • Implement managed services to ensure platform stability and incremental upgrades, minimizing the risk of another major upgrade in the future.

Do you have an upgrade on your horizon? Peek at this datasheet and contact TekStream. We’ll assist with all the heavy lifting!

TekStream Upgrade Datasheet

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