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Webinar Replay: 5 Things You MUST Know About Oracle Licensing and Compliance


Webinar Replay: 5 Things You MUST Know
About Oracle Licensing and Compliance

Hosted By: Cam Coulson | Oracle Licensing Expert

Oracle licensing can seem complex and always changing, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful process if you have the right information.

TekStream Solutions, an Oracle Gold Partner, just hosted an exciting webinar this week titled, 5 Things You MUST Know About Oracle Licensing and Compliance. This 30-minute TekTalk was meant to help you make sure that your Oracle licensing infrastructure is optimized and allow you to approach budget season with a lot less stress this year!

If you missed this informative session, now’s your chance to watch the replay for free today.

5 Things You MUST Know About Oracle Licensing and Compliance:

  • Know Your Oracle Contracts
  • Most Common Licensing Mistakes
  • What is Bundled Licensing?
  • How Oracle Cloud Offerings Can Save You Money
  • Oracle and TekStream Are Here to Help

*Plus, we discussed Oracle’s Plan to Sunset SE and SE1!

Just in the past few years, Oracle has introduced hundreds of new products and acquired dozens of companies. This causes organizations like yours to constantly realign with new license requirements and metrics.

TekStream’s licensing experts leverage decades of Oracle experience to help you maintain compliance, buy licenses at the right price and get optimal licensing terms. We work closely with the Oracle sales team, and we can help you strengthen your relationship with your local rep.

Watch the Replay Today!

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