Using a “Clear Search” Value to Broaden Profile Searches


Using a “Clear Search” Value to Broaden
Profile Searches

By: Brandon Prasnicki, Technical Architect

The Problem:

When using profiles to check in content, the content server sets a “trigger” value.  This value is used to trigger rules (for doc info pages etc).

Below you can see that “T-PurchaseOrder” profile sets Content Type and Content Category (rule logic), and also sets the profile value (default behavior).

pic 00

One issue that can arise is on the search side of the profile functionality.  Often times this field (xIdcProfile) is hidden making it impossible to change the value, and then this value will appear in the search string (<AND>++(xIdcProfile+<matches>+`T_SupportingDocument`)).

pic 11

pic 22

This limits the search results, and will not pick up “Purchase Orders” checked in using the “T_PurchaseOrder” profile.

The Solution:

When RM is enabled (minimal or higher), there is a feature that is available called “Simple Profiles”.  This is a handy utility to quickly create profiles and rules to manipulate metadata.  One feature that “Simple Profiles” provides that Configuration Manager rules do not is a checkbox called “Clear Search Trigger Value”.  Using this feature will solve the problem described above.

*Note that users without record rights will not see the record menu.

pic 33

If profiles already exist in the configuration manager, you can set these values in the profile .hda file located in the <domain>/ucm/cs/data/profiles/<documents>/ directory.


pic 5

After saving the change, restart the server and clear all the browser cache.  The value will now be cleared for search for this profile, enabling you to search for values across profiles.

pic 6

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