Troubleshooting Actionable Email Errors in Oracle BPM 11g


Troubleshooting Actionable Email
Errors in Oracle BPM 11g

By: Karla Broadrick | Technical Architect

One of the features available in BPM 11g allows the sending of actionable email notifications.  In addition to notifying the user that a workflow task has been assigned to them, the email allows users to approve or reject tasks directly from the email without the need to log into BPM Workspace.

There are several requirements that must be met in order for the actionable email to be processed correctly.

  • The response must be received while the workflow task is still in the same queue from which the email notification was sent. If a user tries to send a response after the task has already been approved or rejected, the response will generate an error.
  • The response email must be sent from the same email address to which the original actionable email notification was sent. This means that if the original email is forwarded to a secondary recipient and then approved from the new email address, the response will not be accepted.

If either of these two conditions is not met, the user may receive an automated system email notifying them that their response was not processed correctly. For example:

Error encountered while processing notification response :

The response message is not from the original account to which notification had been sent. Actionable notifications should be responded from the same account to which it had been sent.”

Recently, we were troubleshooting this error message that a user was continually receiving whenever they approved or rejected an email.  Initial investigation showed that the task was assigned to the user in question and was still in the queue waiting to be approved.

Upon further investigation of the outgoing and incoming notifications, it was found that the original email was sent to address xyz123@abccompany.org while the response to the email was received from email address first.last@abccompany.org.  While both email addresses were associated with the same user, an alias was being used in the email system to relate the two.  However, BPM did not have any knowledge of this association.  The system sent the original email to xyz123@abccompany.org and expected the response to come from the same email address.  When the response came from a different email address it was not processed.

In order to prevent the issue from occurring again, the active directory setup for the user needed to be changed to point to the correct email address of first.last@abccompany.org .  Once corrected, the actionable email responses processed as expected.