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TekStream Ready to Partner with Small Enterprises to Implement Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

TekStream is a Leading Implementation Provider for New Splunk Solution

    ATLANTA, GA, May 31, 2018 — TekStream Solutions, a dynamic Atlanta-based technology company specializing in digital transformation services and technical recruiting, today announced it is ready and available to partner with small enterprises to implement Splunk® Insights for Infrastructure, an analytics driven IT Operations tool for System Administrators and DevOps teams to collect, analyze, and monitor data from their on-premises, cloud or hybrid server infrastructures. TekStream is a Splunk professional services, reseller, and MSP partner with 100% of its team members being accredited Splunk architects; the company’s consultants hail from diverse backgrounds in operations, security, development, and consulting.

Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is a single download designed for individual Infrastructure teams of SysAdmins and DevOps teams who are responsible for up to 1,000 on-premises, cloud or hybrid server infrastructures. The new software solution provides a seamless experience for infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure simplifies how system administrators and DevOps teams find and fix infrastructure performance problems, enabling them to automatically correlate metrics and logs to monitor their IT environments – in an easier-to-use, more interactive, and lower-cost package.

“Our clients in the Commercial segment have different needs and, of course, smaller budgets, than large enterprises,” said Judd Robins, Executive Vice President of Sales at TekStream. “Splunk Insights for Infrastructure gives companies of any size a monitoring product they can get started with quickly, easily and for free. There is a lot of demand among our Commercial clients for a robust yet affordable monitoring solution to support their digital transformation efforts, and we are excited to be able to help them take advantage of it.”

The smallest IT environments – up to approximately 50 servers, with 200GB in total storage – are charged no licensing fee for Splunk Insights for Infrastructure. The 200GB free tier includes Community support. For tiers greater than 200GB, Base support is included in the paid license price. Splunk’s Base support includes all major and minor software updates and customer support. If the company is growing and needs to move into larger infrastructure environments, they can easily upgrade to Splunk® Enterprise, the leading analytics platform for machine data.

“TekStream offers a full array of Splunk services to companies that wish to implement Splunk Insights for Infrastructure,” said Robins. “As a Splunk partner, TekStream has the knowledge and experience to help companies every step of the way, from deciding which initial licensing option would be best for them, to implementation and training, to maintenance and support, to determining when it is time to upgrade. Our Splunk consultants also have experience and expertise integrating Splunk software with existing technologies to build a unique complementary solution. We are looking forward to helping businesses make the most of this innovative new Splunk solution and partnering with them as they grow with this use case and other use cases in the future.”

You can download Splunk Insights for Infrastructure here.

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