TekStream Famous Four

TekStream Famous Four – Your 360 Degree WebCenter Solutions Partner


TekStream Famous Four
Your 360 Degree WebCenter Solutions Partner

By: Britton Clark | Marketing Manager


In the spirit of the big March basketball tournament, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to our very own “Famous Four.”

TekStream Solutions is an Atlanta-based technology solutions company that specializes in addressing the company-wide IT problems faced by enterprise businesses by providing four famous pillars: Software, Services, Support and Sourcing.

As your trusted 360 degree Oracle WebCenter and BPM solutions partner, TekStream takes a lot of pride in helping you win, or “cut down the nets.” So without further ado, let’s meet your TekStream Famous Four seeds…

Seed 1: Software

  • License Procurement – select and acquire the exact set of Oracle technologies needed to attain your goals
  • Oracle Maintenance and Support – review and advise on annual maintenance and support renewals

Seed 2: Services

QuickStream – a rapid requirements analysis, design, and road mapping service that enables customers to get started fast and begin capturing value from their WebCenter investment

  • Full Lifecycle Deployment Services – a cost-effective implementation that includes design, development, production, and project management
  • Engineered Offerings – a set of reusable assets, methodologies, components, and connectors developed to facilitate and expedite WebCenter Implementations

Seed 3: Support

  • Training – enable successful WebCenter adoption and ensure competency at all levels (administrators, developers, and end-users)
  • Support Services – provide cost-effective maintenance and availability of your WebCenter investment ensuring your ongoing success

Seed 4: Sourcing

  • Staffing – identification of the right resources for permanent or temporary placement
  • Vetting – qualification by our technical team to ensure the correct resources are deployed