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Drive Document Understanding through intelligent content processing with TekStream CPA.

Enable users to quickly process and manage critical business documents, images, forms, video files, and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources through the power of AWS Integrated Services.

Unlock the Power of Your Managed Files

Many companies have established repositories and enabled applications to manage their unstructured content to address the storage, retrieval, and security of unstructured content. Unfortunately, many content management solutions do little to unlock the power of information contained within those managed files.

Solutions focusing on Document Understanding, like TekStream CPA, leverage Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to analyze unstructured data for critical insights. Then, they make them available to help drive business processes and actions while improving business decision making.

CPA demonstrated through a man clicking a screen with many document types available.
Make Your Documents Accessible and Usable

How Your Organization Benefits

How TekStream CPA Works

TekStream CPA relentlessly and automatically investigates content to find key insights and associations that might not be easily discovered by the naked eye. Users and administrators establish business rules defining what information is important, how it will be managed, and the final destination of documents, images, forms, video files, and unstructured data.

This process works to ensure critical business facts and figures are available for business operations.

*Refers to planned extensions or what can be incorporated through Services and custom implementation.

Driving Document Understanding Through Intelligent Content Processing

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CPA Deploys AWS for Automation

Deploy the Full Value of AWS Integrated Services

Using machine learning services like Amazon Textract and Amazon Rekognition, TekStream CPA inspects documents, images, and video (collectively “files”), gathers key information and insights, and automatically stores these files logically to ensure easier access to critical information.

Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I) routes files requiring further review to content specialists and information managers to edit associated information, make corrective actions, and approve files for storage.

Since TekStream CPA is an AWS Cloud service, the solution is:

  • Low cost – there is no need to integrate a new infrastructure
  • Easily integrated with other AWS services
  • Secure and offers support for industry regulations including: PII, HIPAA, and more

See How Your Department Can Benefit from TekStream CPA

Human Resources

Automate the receipt of candidate and employee documents with categorization and identification of personal information requiring special handling.

Marketing & Sales

Quickly identify assets for use in campaigns and sales plays, and automatically categorize information.


Automate inspection of legal documents for PII/PHI information to ensure adherence to GDPR, HIPAA, and other privacy laws.

Information Technology

Quickly categorize documents and files for storage, categorization, and review. Provide additional content processing services to other departments.

Get a Document Understanding Solution That's Built for Growth

As your business needs grow, TekStream’s CPA capabilities will grow to meet your requirements. 

TekStream CPA will continue to provide new releases that add additional AWS services and functions, but administrators can also leverage the system as a framework to include their own applications and services. By leveraging serverless technologies like Amazon Lambda, administrators can create functions to call their own services for file conversions, reformatting, and many more to meet specific business criteria.

While Amazon continues its investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence, TekStream CPA will incorporate those services to provide more options to make document understanding easier and more efficient.

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