The impact to operational monitoring of services supporting your remote users just became major concern. Do you need help thinking through the issues and considering your options? 

During this crisis, everyone wants to help. The way we can help is to offer our expertise as a Splunk Elite Partner and a premier AWS consulting partner 

We’re offering free consultations with our Splunk and AWS experts to help you think through issues, identify possible vulnerabilities, and develop your action plan. 

This is a completely free offer. We’re not selling anything.  

Schedule a conversation ASAP by filling out the form. 


Your threat surface has changed and new threats have emerged

you Are unsure how to monitor critical VoIP infrastructure

Your policies and processes need to be reviewed and revised

VPN Monitoring is confusing

Frequently asked questions

With nothing being sold and absolutely zero obligation, this is a unique opportunity to speak with Splunk and AWS experts and get their unbiased opinions and recommendations about your biggest concerns. 

Fill out the form at the top of this page or reach out to, and we’ll get you scheduled ASAP.

No need to stress! Just come with an overview of the problem(s) you’re trying to solve. The TekStream team will come prepared to listen and help you think through your next steps. 

Yes. We care about keeping everyone safe. With everything you have to worry about – TekStream would like to help in an area we know a bit about. 

what Our clients say

“Thank you for continuing to help us with our Splunk ES implementation. Your work is key to making this project successful for the customer."
System Admin
"Just finished an initial Splunk Cloud integration. Much thanks to TekStream and their Splunk team! I highly recommend it. When it comes to quickly aggregating many sources for support or ops needs, it's huge for us. #Kudos I really appreciate you helping us #MakingAnImpact in Ops!”
Platform Operations Lead