TekStream Announces Content Loader at COLLABORATE14

ContentLoader-BannerTekStream Announces Content Loader at COLLABORATE14

Oracle WebCenter Content solution designed to increase the speed of migrating information up to 10 to 30 times faster and providing 50% cost savings

TekStream, a leading technology services company providing Fortune 1000 and mid-sized clients with content management, enterprise portal, and resourcing services, today announces the company’s latest service offering: Content Loader, an enhanced extension to Oracle’s WebCenter Content solution. Designed to process millions of documents at speeds in excess of 360,000 content items per hour, Content Loader is a content migration and mapping tool designed to provide both Import and Export services with full audit logging of processes and event notifications. Content Loader has been evaluated at 10 to 30 times faster than Oracle’s out-of-the-box migration tool, WebCenter Content Batch Loader, and can reduce overall migration costs by 50% when factoring in the reduction of resources and time to complete the migration process.

“We are proud to formalize a solution that we have already used with many of our customers to migrate their content quickly and efficiently,” says Troy Allen, Director of Solutions and Training for TekStream Solutions. “We continue to find organizations needing to upgrade their content repositories, and have tight timelines that have to be met; Content Loader helps to ensure their success while saving tens of thousands of dollars.”

Content Loader provides Oracle customers with the ability to move both content and metadata from older versions of Oracle WebCenter Content (also known as Stellent UCM) to newer, more improved versions. Content Loader is a multi-threaded JAVA-based application which enables content and system administrators to crawl repositories and files systems to extract content and pertinent information about the content, and then import the files and data through an automated import service. The application is designed to be 100% configurable to meet unique business requirements and complex infrastructures. Administrators can configure the number of threads which will run the export and import services. Event notification through email messaging ensures that administrators are notified of any issues and complete transaction logging ensures that any issues can be recovered quickly. Performance is a key element of the application as well, and has been tested to perform at speeds of up to 100 transactions per second compared to Oracle’s out-of-the-box tools at 10 transactions per second. Content Loader, in addition to time savings for loading content, surpasses other batch utilities with its extensibility and ability to be configured to communicate with third-party content repositories, databases, and file stores.

Content Loader is also designed to support remapping of metadata from one Oracle WebCenter Content Repository to another, as well as support intra-system metadata remapping. This feature allows administrators to map values from one metadata field to another or to change values within a metadata field en masse. The application also allows for security mapping as well as migrating older Oracle WebCenter implementations configured to use Folders_g folder structures to the newer, more feature rich FrameWork Folders.

TekStream’s Content Loader can be executed manually or as an automated process to capture real-time changes between servers. “Migration happens over a period of time. In most cases, the upgraded system is introduced to business units in stages and there has to be a method to run the legacy system and newer one in parallel and ensure that content is kept in sync until the migration is fully completed and all departments are on the new system. Content Loader’s automation services help to ensure that content is synced between the legacy system and the newer Oracle repositories our customers are migrating to,” says Sid Desai, Director of WebCenter Content Delivery Services at TekStream Solutions.

For more information, visit TekStream.com, call 1-844-TEK-STRM, or email us at info(at)tekstream(dot)com.

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