Oracle PaaS Support

Keep your Oracle PaaS technology running your business smoothly without overburdening your internal technical staff

Moving to the Cloud is supposed to make running your business easier, but that’s not always how things work out when staff is forced to devote additional energy to maintaining platforms. While Oracle does provide support for their many platform-as-a-service (PaaS) applications, they do not have a comprehensive understanding of your unique deployment. TekStream can bridge the gap between what Oracle provides and what your team can handle through our Oracle PaaS support services.

About Our Oracle PaaS Support Services:

TekStream understands that businesses derive more value from technical staff when they can focus on running the business, not maintaining platforms. That’s why our Oracle PaaS support team provides the following services to keep your business running smoothly:

  • Expert setup of PaaS applications and configurations
  • Single-vendor solutions to satisfy the demands of both support requests and licensing
  • Proactive PaaS monitoring
  • Expert application of best practices
  • Ongoing PaaS release reviews
  • Customized maintenance and support recommendations for your unique environment

Oracle PaaS is designed extend your Cloud functionality through integrations and extensions. This provides greater usability, but also requires greater support to keep running efficiently. In order free your staff to focus on pressing business needs, rather than on day-to-day application maintenance, it may help to offload infrastructure and application management to a third party. Although Oracle does provide some application-specific support, PaaS deployments that include many configurations may need more than the basic support Oracle can provide.

TekStream premium support for Oracle PaaS can fill that gap. Our team of certified Oracle consultants can ensure that you get the top-tier support you need to operate applications smoothly without overburdening internal staff. TekStream Support can:

  • Alert you to emerging problems in the Cloud environment
  • Provide first line of support for ticketing
  • Triage alerts and issues
  • Coordinate with Oracle to resolve any underlying infrastructure and application issues
  • Acquire the appropriate licenses you need to operate your PaaS solution
  • Architect, implement, and manage backup solutions

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