Get TekStream Splunk support for easy maintenance of critical monitoring, alerting, and visualization tools

TekStream Splunk Support leverages the industry best-in-class, comprehensive real-time diagnostic and triage platform for multi-tier distributed infrastructure deployments. This allows us to proactively identify errors, outages, and anomalies in TekStream supported infrastructures in the context of both managed services and support solutions. We can proactively identify the root cause of a problem in as short a time as possible, so you experience minimal outages and disruptions. Splunk becomes an even more invaluable tool in the hands of our experienced support engineers.

About Our Splunk Support Services

TekStream Solutions prides itself on holding the highest level of certification offered to Splunk partners, which means we provide Splunk support services with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. We use Splunk’s data sifting functions to diversify revenue streams your company derives from Splunk services, which makes our support solutions affordable. Our Splunk consultants are well-versed in architecting large scale implementations in operations and security domains and have decades of experience in managing complex distributed infrastructure solutions. This makes us efficient at solving problems as they arrive for minimal disruption, whether you use Splunk in On-Prem, Cloud, or hybrid implementations.

Our Splunk support services also provide guidance in standing up new environments, scaling, migrating, and re-architecting optimal solutions to expand existing environments, design dashboards and visualizations, and provide solutions in the context of managed services.

Solutions to Typical Business Challenges

When it comes to Splunk support, many companies struggle to build a team with the necessary experience to successfully leverage such a flexible platform. TekStream’s Splunk support team has deep knowledge of Splunk applications. We not only know how to keep your systems running smoothly, but we also provide your team with proactive recommendations on how to better leverage your Splunk implementation.

Furthermore, TekStream Support easily scales as you grow, so you never have to worry about maintenance demands outpacing your capabilities. We can leverage Splunk technology and our team to adjust to your growth automatically.

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream specializes in deploying Splunk to monitor your company’s critical business applications. Our certified consultants have led over 250 Cloud and On-Prem deployments, which means that we have the broad understanding necessary to ensure these technologies work together seamlessly. In addition, our consultants hold the highest level of current Splunk certifications available, ensuring you deal only with experts.  

TekStream can leverage Splunk in a support context to minimize the mean recovery time due to outages or anomalies in complex, multi-layered infrastructures. Let our Splunk support experts show you how much of a difference expert management and maintenance can make.