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Solutions From Industry Experts

Our focus is on quality. We work closely with our clients to deeply understand business goals, culture and technical requirements as well as hiring success factors. We research and study each client so that we can provide an educated and consultative approach to the hiring process. Our goal is to provide clients and candidates with long-term career solutions; we hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism and honesty. We are not just recruiters, we are market researchers, we are process consultants and we are brand stewards.

Flexible Solutions

TekStream takes pride in working closely with client’s to provide a recruiting solution that is specific to each client’s need. We offer a flexible, scale-able, cost-efficient model, focused on our customs missions while driving revenue and direct labor.

  • A company is having trouble finding great candidates.
  • The hiring manager can’t afford to take time & resources away from the core business.
  • An organization drastically needs to reduce their turnover rate.
  • An executive constantly feels like his/her company isn’t on a level playing field when it comes to recruiting.
  • The company needs to cut costs but can’t let the efficiency of the organization fall.

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