TekStream’s Template-It Business Solutions

Serve and protect templates across your entire business

Many organizations have invested heavily in creating standardized templates across the business.  Marketing materials, sales materials, legal templates and boilerplates, branding materials, and much more require a centralized repository to ensure easy access for the right people, while controlling maintenance and approval cycles. Using our experience and the newest technologies from Oracle PaaS, TekStream Business Solutions now takes full advantage of the Cloud enabling our customers to address their templating challenges more efficiently. TekStream introduces Template-It, a Cloud-based template and document management platform that enables businesses to gain better control over their enterprise templates.

About Our Template-It Business Solutions Services:

TekStream’s Template-It, part of the Process Lifestyle Suite, is designed to simplify the creation, management, and sharing of company assets and templates while addressing the move to the Cloud. By utilizing key elements of the Process Lifecycle Suite, Template-it allows content users and template administrators and contributors to:

  • Create and upload new templates based on any file format, including traditional document file types and rich media files
  • Create standardized collaboration and approval workflows to ensure new or updated templates are fully reviewed before providing the corporate community the ability to access and use the templates
  • Provide web-based conversations and annotations on the template files to improve the creative collaboration process
  • Notify relevant users of template and artifact updates
Solutions to Typical Business Challenges

Document management remains an enduring challenge for medium to large enterprises, especially when it comes to templates. TekStream provides a cutting-edge platform on the Cloud to make updating, sharing, and controlling templates simple. Template-It provides unique solutions to typical problems, including:

  • Rolling out template updates to the entire team simultaneously
  • Collaborative template building
  • Inclusive updates and notifications for template users
  • Easier compliance with changing legal requirements
How TekStream Can Help

TekStream has created a simple interface to streamline content management of templates and standardization of key business documents. As part of the Process Lifecycle Suite, Template-it is designed to seamlessly work with other Process Lifecycle Suite modules, including Procure-It and Contract-It.  With over 12 years of experience working on Cloud implementations, TekStream has developed an intimate knowledge of operational software best practices, allowing us to give you these comprehensive business solutions you can use across the enterprise.

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