TekStream’s Contract-It Business Solutions

Contract solutions for engagement with no barriers

TekStream has a long history of helping companies successfully manage their legal processes, content, and workflows. Leveraging our experience and the newest Oracle PaaS technologies, TekStream Business Solutions now takes full advantage of the Cloud enabling our customers to address their contracting challenges more efficiently. TekStream introduces Contract-It, a Cloud-based contract management platform that enables businesses to gain more control over their legal and contracting procedures.

About Our Contract-It Business Solutions Services:

TekStream’s Contract-it, part of the Process Lifecycle Suite, is designed to simplify common legal and contracting processes while addressing the move to the Cloud. Many organizations have set specific goals for their contracting processes, such as reducing costs, doing more digitally, being more effective in mitigating risk, improving interdepartmental collaboration, engaging more seamlessly with external entities, removing barriers to profitable engagements, and scaling their resources to do more. The Contract-It platform allows you to meet these goals and many others, while providing unique benefits to stakeholders in all areas of the business, including:

  • Line of Business and Sales— By providing self-service access to approved legal document templates, engaging with legal department on critical negotiations, reducing the impact to operations from contracting activities, giving needed management visibility to contracting and legal activities, and reducing operational costs
  • Procurement Offices— By engaging legal teams in contracting and procurement pursuits, collaborating with external vendors on terms and conditions, automatically engaging key groups and individuals during the negotiation and assessment processes, accessing accurate reports and analytics, and reducing costs
  • Legal Management— By collaborating across the enterprise, reducing contract review cycles, maintaining a legal and contract repository for both active and closed contracts, quickly pulling up key information and details for any contract, establishing and maintaining contract template libraries, and seamlessly engaging external legal counsel
  • Executive Management— By minimizing risk by reducing processing and human error, ensuring process standards are documented and followed, delivering accurate reports and analytics for individual contracts, maintaining all contracts, and ensuring proper lifecycle handling based on corporate and industry standards

Contract procedures are vital to any successful business, which is why you can’t afford mistakes caused by poor contract management. TekStream provides a cutting-edge platform on the Cloud to streamline contract management. Contract-It provides unique solutions to typical contract lifecycle problems, including:

  • Intuitive and standardized contracting processing
  • Intelligent and timely workflows
  • Robust process tracking and reporting
  • Process analytics and reporting
  • Legal template and contract management
  • Secured file sharing
  • Digital signature
  • Centralized and searchable contract repositories
  • Contract retention management

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