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Finding Shapes in the Cloud? Why not find your Solutions there as well?

TekStream has a long history of helping companies identify the best way to solve their business issues through traditional on-premise technologies. But things just got better. TekStrema’s Business Solutions now take full advantage of the Cloud enabling our customers to address their challenges with fewer resources. TekStream introduces Process Lifecycle Suite, a cloud-based solution leveraging Oracle PaaS and IaaS products and proven methodologies and processes deployed and tested at some of the largest and most successful companies.

TekStream’s Process Lifecycle Suite of tools is designed to simplify common business processes. It focuses on modular based applications that work as stand-alone processes which can be orchestrated to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Process Lifecycle Suite is designed to be extended and molded to your specific needs while enabling process management across any device, anywhere, and at anytime.

  • Automate common business processes quickly and without a team of developers
  • Drive process standards across the enterprise
  • Reduce training time through intuitive applications
  • Mobile enable content creators and process participants
  • Reduce risk while improving efficiency

TekStream’s Process Lifecycle Suite’s modules includes the following with more modules on the way:

Process Lifecycle Suite Modules

Procure-it – Gain control over your business’ purchasing practices with TekStream’s Cloud-based procurement platform. Easily define standard procedures, maintain a comprehensive contract library, and improve cross departmental collaboration all while providing full cycle procurement visibility to stakeholders.

Template-it  – Improve operational efficiency by standardizing document templates and leveraging TekStream’s centralized document management platform for storage and administration. Create and upload new templates easily and create approval workflows for collaboration and editing before publishing.

Contract-it – Streamline common legal and contracting processes with TekStream’s contract management platform. Provides self-service access to approved document templates, line of business collaboration to reduce contract review cycles, and an archive database for both open and closed contracts for easy reference.

Process Lifecycle Suite allows businesses to understand what is being done, when and where it is done, and who does it.

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