Maximize your Hyland solutions while simplifying the licensing process

With over eighteen product lines, Hyland provides organizations with the most versatile and comprehensive solutions in the market to meet their Digital Transformation needs.  TekStream is well versed with Hyland’s offerings, and our licensing consultants help you navigate and determine which products and modules will deliver the most efficient solution facilitating your business requirements while making it easy to understand and purchase the license.

Our experienced team will clearly lay out all your options and help you choose the Hyland products that work best for your organization and ensure you get the best price. We also help you understand all the licensing rules allowing you to receive the best solution at the best price to meet your software goals.

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream’s Hyland OnBase licensing services use a proven five-phase process to license the Hyland products that will serve your current and future needs best. These include:

  • Research and Calculations— We deep-dive into your organization to understand your environment, calculating your exact Hyland software needs.
  • Analysis and Reporting— We review all the relevant material and provide you with a report detailing our recommendations. We base our analysis on proven licensing strategies that maximize your ROI.
  • Review and Planning— We help you decide which recommendations you would like to implement and how to best do so.
  • Implementation— We work with you and Hyland to put your plan into action.
  • Management—We monitor your support renewals on an ongoing basis to ensure they do not rise above acceptable levels.

As Hyland software experts, we help you to maximize your returns from Hyland products and we are always available to discuss.