Splunk Enterprise Services

Splunk Enterprise software changes mountains of useless data into key business intelligence

Splunk Enterprise is the top software used by businesses around the world to turn the massive amounts of collected data into useful business insights.  TekStream experts can implement Splunk On-Prem within your systems and teach your team to leverage the technology, so raw machine data becomes valuable insights. Download a free trial [link to free trial download] of Splunk now to see firsthand how valuable a full implementation of Splunk Enterprise truly could be.

About Our Splunk Enterprise Services:

Splunk Enterprise makes it easy to tap into the large amounts of value trapped within big data generated by your infrastructure, applications, and security systems. You can then visualize operational performance and business results in simple, enterprise-friendly reports. TekStream optimally implements Splunk Enterprise in your organization to ensure that you maximize every data point available and get the most value out of your Splunk Enterprise software.

We use Splunk Enterprise to monitor and analyze data from almost any source – log files, Windows events, network traffic, social media, and many others. You can use this information to optimize the performance of your IT systems, business applications, processes, and security devices. Splunk provides an On-Prem platform that can scale from a small, targeted-use case to an enterprise-wide deployment, both of which we have years of experience deploying.

Our Splunk Enterprise On-Prem services allow your company to:

  • Collect and index log and machine data from almost any source
  • Access powerful search, analysis, and visualization capabilities in a simple interface accessible to users of all types
  • Use integrated apps that provide solutions for IT Ops, business analysis, security, and more
  • Visualize results across On-Prem, Cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Scale as you grow without the need for a new implementation

Splunk Enterprise makes it easy to sift through machine data, an often wasted source of valuable insights for growing businesses. Plus, Splunk Enterprise remains one of the most flexible platforms available, mitigating the frustrations companies often feel when using standard software applications. Splunk software comes with open APIs, machine learning and intuitive analysis features and provides access to thousands of packaged applications and add-ins— most at no cost.

Businesses often struggle to leverage these types of enterprise software due to poor end-user functionality, but Splunk Enterprise has a simple, user-friendly interface that allows all kinds of users to carry out vital operations, including the following:

  • Collecting and Indexing Data— Index data regardless of format or location. Because the structure is applied only at search time, you can analyze the resulting data without limitations.
  • Searches and Investigations— Search data using the intuitive Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL). Splunk automatically normalizes your varying data formats, so you can perform statistical searches, calculate metrics, and even look for specific conditions. This will automatically reveal trends, spikes, and patterns.
  • Correlation and Analysis— Splunk makes it easy to find relationships between events or activities. Correlate based on time, location, or custom search results, and use machine learning to automatically identify anomalies and incidents.
  • Visualizing Trends and Generating Reports— Visualize trends in custom dashboards and generate reports suited to any business, operational, or security need. These automatic custom reports provide the exact insights on the subject that your company needs at any given time.
  • Monitoring with Real-Time Alerts— Turn searches into real-time alerts that automatically trigger notifications via email or RSS, so you can address issues as they present.

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