Oracle Integration and Cloud Implementation Services

Simplify the transition to Cloud technology using TekStream’s Oracle Integration Services

Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables your business to extend the reach of traditional On-Premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications through high-tech “Cloud First” applications. Of course, it would be impossible for your company to fully take advantage of the new Cloud technologies without fully integrating them into your current technologies and systems. Oracle integration makes it possible to grow without starting from scratch. TekStream’s certified Oracle Integration Services leverage your existing framework, while seamlessly connecting new Cloud technology in configurations optimized to meet your specific Oracle implementation needs.

About Our Oracle Integration Services:
TekStream’s shortened Oracle integration cycle has been successfully completed on behalf of over 250 clients. We follow a well-defined and efficient methodology that includes the following steps:

  • QuickStream— Our professionals carry out the initial requirements for Oracle implementation including gathering data, analysis, and high-level design for the entire system.
  • Provisioning— We initialize Oracle PaaS software products and perform all base level configurations.
  • Detailed Design— We specify the exact configurations, integrations, and modifications necessary to meet the custom requirements for your organization.
  • Development— We configure the Cloud technologies and build of key elements while completing interactive reviews at regular intervals to ensure deliverables match agreed-upon designs. You can ask for modifications during any step of the process for a rapid-response design and simple validation process.
  • Testing— Your Oracle solutions will undergo two primary levels of testing: Systems Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing. This will ensure the system both is fully operational and meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.
  • Training— TekStream provides two levels of training to ensure you can take full ownership of your new solutions. Administrative and development training transfers key knowledge about the operation and management of your technology, while end-user training ensures that your users are ready make the best use of their new tools.
  • Go Live Support— Even after your users are trained and start leveraging their new Oracle solutions, TekStream is available to help. Go Live Support provides customers with the assurance that any unforeseen issues can be quickly resolved to make on-boarding as smooth as possible.
Solutions to Typical Business Challenges

Since a typical Oracle implementation averages four to five weeks, it’s easy for this to get off track without proper attention to each of the key aspects of your Oracle solutions. We know how quickly a single mistake during your Oracle integration process can derail implementation for weeks—or even months. TekStream Solutions minimizes errors and helps ensure your valuable time is efficiently allocated, all while reducing the impact of transitioning to new application implementations.
Oracle’s PaaS applications lend themselves naturally to nearly all out-of-the-box solutions that require minimal configuration and development to integrate into your current way of doing things. This allows you to focus on process, migration, training, and successful adoption of your new technologies.
Most importantly, we use Oracle’s Integration Cloud Services to easily connect all your applications, whether they are On-Premise or in the Cloud. You’ll have no trouble sharing data and getting the full picture of all your content. Your company can use the new technology without being forced to give up current favored applications or systems. This is all accomplished while also providing the highest levels of security.

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream has years of experience designing and implementing enterprise Oracle integration solutions. We understand the importance of data-sharing and application interconnectivity. We help our customers connect vital applications to create holistic business solutions. At TekStream, we leverage the best out-of-the-box adapters for Oracle’s Integration Cloud Services to connect a wide variety of On-Premise and Cloud-based applications, always carefully adjusting their specifications to meet your unique business requirements. We can even create completely custom adapters to accomplish goals not readily achieved through ready-made Oracle solutions.
TekStream’s real value comes in ensuring you are planning and implementing your solution integrations with the highest efficiency. We always follow proven best practices, enabling you to build solutions that can easily grow with your business as you expand. As Oracle integration experts, TekStream consultants understand the problems inherent in integrating Cloud technologies into your daily operations. We will work with you to avoid these problems from ever holding your business back.

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