Oracle Content and Process Services Implementation

Create, store, approve, and use content with ease in the Cloud

Make your business more agile with a single platform that facilitates and simplifies daily business activities on software available to your whole team anywhere. With a single Oracle platform, you can carry out all your document and process tasks in a single place with no additional effort. TekStream’s certified implementation experts ensure that your Cloud services integrate all the most important processes and store all content in an easy-to-use central database. We will be with you during every step of implementation, so your Oracle Content and Process Cloud Services applications are configured to successfully address your unique business needs in the shortest amount of time.

About Our Oracle Content + Process Services:

Virtual Cloud connections between every element of your business ensure a smooth transition to your new platform. Plus, the out-of-the box Oracle content and process options combined with TekStream’s custom configurations deliver the tools to dramatically improve efficiency and reduce costs across your entire business— both on the documentation and process sides of operations.  TekStream has successfully completed their cutting-edge shortened Oracle integration cycle on behalf of over 250 clients. We leverage a well-defined and efficient methodology to deliver results fast by following these steps:

  • QuickStreaming— We collect the necessary data, perform analyses, and complete high-level design for the entire system to carry out the initial requirements for Oracle implementation.
  • Provisioning— We initialize selected Oracle PaaS products and complete all base level configurations.
  • Detailed Designwork— We specify the exact configurations, integrations, and modifications necessary to meet the custom requirements for your business.
  • Development— We configure Cloud technologies to your needs by building key elements and completing interactive reviews at regular intervals to ensure deliverables match agreed-upon designs. This ensures a rapid-response design, easy modifications, and a simple validation process.
  • Testing— Your Oracle solutions undergo both Systems Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing to ensure the final content and process setup meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.
  • Training— TekStream provides both administrative and development training, which transfers key knowledge about the operation and management of your technology, and end-user training, which ensures that your users are ready make the best use of their new tools.

The biggest hurdle in making a new Oracle content and process system deliver ROI is integrating it simply into everything your business does. With a custom setup carried out by professionals, you’ll get everything you need on one interface— and nothing you don’t. We can help you solve common business challenges and even revolutionize performance in areas you didn’t know needed improvement. With TekStream’s experience directing implementation, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the process.

Although implementing such a universal system can feel daunting, you don’t have to worry about costly mistakes when you work with our experienced professionals. We take care of configuration, migration, and development, so you can focus on your business imperatives, including process, content creation, training, and successful adoption of your new Oracle content and process technologies.

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