Oracle SOA Suite

Keep your business up-to-date with less cost and effort through integrated service-oriented architecture

Oracle Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a comprehensive, standards-based software suite that builds, deploys, and manages the integration of new applications into a single, consistent technology platform. You’ll benefit from consistent tooling, a single deployment and management model, end-to-end security, and unified metadata management across all applications and software, regardless of their original environment. By simply integrating your systems, you’ll minimize mobility challenges and consolidate existing investments with the latest tech advancements in real time. With TekStream’s custom implementation of Oracle SOA, you can lower development and maintenance costs and system complexity over time.

About Our Oracle SOA Services:

New devices and applications roll out every day, bringing your business a groundbreaking competitive edge, but you can’t effectively leverage this difference until the technology is fully integrated. TekStream’s service-oriented architecture services leverage the integration capabilities and real-time event processing abilities of the Oracle SOA Suite to ensure you have the required platform for mission-critical integration today while preparing you for the challenges of the new technologies of tomorrow. TekStream uses custom Oracle SOA Suite12c implementations to protect your company from the difficulties posed by the increasingly complex nature of IT environments today.

Oracle SOA As A Business Solution

TekStream understands how vital adopting new technologies can be to your business success. You must be able to adapt quickly in response to changes in the marketplace or competitive threats. New solutions require full integration of enterprise capability from disparate IT systems, programming models, and platforms in order to succeed. Oracle SOA allows you to immediately integrate better solutions into your current systems right away with minimal disruption. With service-oriented architecture, you can increase efficiencies when working with TekStream to drive revenue, reduce costs, and off-load non-core functions. You can even repurpose existing enterprise assets by making them accessible for reuse outside of their original use, so no investment goes to waste before you have achieved the desired ROI.

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream’s expert Oracle consultants quickly team up with your organization’s business and technical teams to optimize integration and take advantage of the key solution capabilities of the Oracle SOA Suite. Our proven QuickStream methodology rapidly identifies and prioritizes key SOA requirements, formulates a solution leveraging industry-leading service-oriented architecture technologies, and provides a thorough, step-by-step phased plan for implementation.

TekStream helps you maximize your Oracle SOA Suite by providing services, managing support, procuring software, and sourcing talent for Oracle’s industry-leading SOA platform. We are recognized by Oracle as a nationally-preferred partner due to our extensive IT experience, expert knowledge of Oracle SOA, and long track record of delivering tangible business results to clients. Our dedication to building long-term client relationships, quality, and ROI is why our clients choose TekStream to guide them in adopting Oracle SOA technology.

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